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The Loving Peacock

In this activity you will create a loving peacock! The loving peacock is a pretty bird because of all the colors you see on their feathers! This activity is great for school-aged children because this craft allows you to practice your fine motor skills, along with following step by step instructions. After creating your loving peacock craft, you can give it to a loved one or keep it to play with!


  • Construction paper (blue, purple, green, yellow)

  • Googly eyes

  • Bottle of glue/glue stick

  • Scissors

  • Marker/pen

Activity Steps:

Step 1: To start making your lovely peacock, you will need to gather your materials in a clean space such as a table or the ground.

Step 2: First, we will start by drawing the peacock body. Grab a blue piece of paper to create the peacock body. The body can be any shape you want. You can draw two circles, one smaller circle for the head and one bigger circle for the body. Then cut out the peacock body. Reminder, to either ask an adult to help you cut out the peacock body or have an adult nearby just in case you need help.

Step 3: Next, you are going to make the peacock feathers. The peacock feathers will be heart shaped. Start by drawing a heart on the colored construction paper. You will want peacock feathers that are different colors so you will draw hearts on the blue, purple, and green colored construction paper. You can make the hearts any size, I chose medium sized hearts.Draw around 8-10 hearts from each color of construction paper.

Step 4: Once you have the hearts drawn, then you can cut them out.

Step 5: Now that you have all the hearts cut out, it is time to start gluing them onto the peacock body. You can use either a glue stick or a glue bottle. If you are using a glue stick or a glue bottle, put small amounts of glue on the bottom edges of the hearts. Start by gluing the edge of the heart on the back side of the peacock’s neck. Once you have the first heart glued on, you can start gluing another heart behind the first heart and then continue on each side. Make sure and put different colored hearts next to each other so the peacock has different colored feathers.

Step 6: Now that you have the feathers glued onto the peacock, you can use your pen/marker to outline the peacock’s body. This is a step that can be skipped, if you want.

Step 7: Once you have all peacock feathers glued onto the body, next you can start gluing on the two googly eyes. While you wait for the googly eyes to dry, use a yellow piece of construction paper to cut out a small heart, which will be the peacock’s beak, then glue the beak onto the peacock’s face.

Now that you have completed all the steps, you have made yourself a lovely peacock! You can give this craft to someone you love or hang it on the wall! Nice work!

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