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Tea Party Treats

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Put together your own tea party treats! You will make ladybug crackers, fairy bread and fruity fairy wands! Some toddlers and school-age children can practice fine motor skills by placing sprinkles

on fun shaped sandwiches and spreading

cream cheese and peanut butter.

During this activity, you can talk about your favorite fairy stories, learn where fairy bread comes from, and read about ladybugs. You can also substitute any ingredients that may cause allergic reactions or that you may not have at home. Let your imagination take off and enjoy your tea party at home!

To watch a video with step-by-step instructions for how to do this activity please click here

Ladybug Crackers

You will need:

Ritz crackers or circle-shaped crackers

Cherry or grape tomatoes (substitutes: strawberries, raspberries)

Black olives (substitutes: blueberries, blackberries)

Cream cheese (substitutes: peanut butter, sunflower butter, jelly)


Safety first! Ask an adult to watch you or help you cut the tomatoes and olives needed in this recipe. You may also need help opening a can if your olives are canned!

Step 1: Cream cheese body

First, use a spoon to spread a small amount of cream cheese onto a cracker. You may also use a dull knife to spread but be sure to ask a safe adult to watch or help you!

Step 2: Tomato wings

Second, carefully cut tomatoes in half. You may also need to cut the black olives in half if they are not already cut.

Place two tomato pieces down on the cream cheese cracker to make the wings. Did you know that not all ladybugs have spots? Some may have stripes or no markings at all! They can also be orange instead of red.

Step 3: Black olive head

Third, place a piece of black olive on top of the cream cheese to make the ladybug’s head!

Fairy Bread

You will need:


Peanut butter (substitutes: sunflower butter, almond butter)



Cookie cutter or knife


For this recipe, you’ll need cookie cutters or a knife to cut the bread into fun shapes. You may also need to substitute ingredients like peanut butter if it may cause an allergic reaction. Always ask a safe adult for help. ☺

Step 1: Bread shapes

First, cut bread into any shape using a cookie cutter or knife. You can make flowers, stars, circles, triangles, or any other shape you can make! On half of the pieces, cut out a small circle or any other small shape, in the center. For our bread, we used a heart shaped cookie cutter first,

and then used a small flower shaped cookie

cutter for the center.

Step 2: Spread PB&J

Second, spread peanut butter and jelly onto pieces of bread that do not have holes in the centers. Ingredients can be substituted with others in case there anyone

has allergies!

Step 3: Put together sandwiches

Third, place pieces of bread together. One whole piece with PB&J and one piece with a shape cut out in the center. This is a common party treat at kid’s parties in Australia and New Zealand, but we made them a little different. Usually they are made with just plain butter, but we added peanut butter and jelly!

Step 4: Sprinkles!

Lastly, add sprinkles to the cut-out centers, and you have made fairy bread!

Fruity Fairy Wands

You will need:

Grapes (any of these fruit can be replaced with other fruit)





Cookie cutter or knife


Step 1: Wash fruit

First, wash and prepare your fruit.

Step 2: Grapes

Second, stack your grapes on a skewer. We did three grapes on each!

Step 3: Cut strawberries

Third, cut the tops off of your strawberries. Practice safety and ask an adult for support when using sharp objects like knives.

Step 4: Strawberries & blueberries

Fourth, add your berries to the skewer. We put a strawberry on top of the grapes and then a blueberry.

Step 5: Watermelon

Fifth, place a piece of watermelon to the end. Now you have made a fruity fairy wand! If you want to try different patterns of fruit or different shapes of watermelon, you are more than welcome to. Make these wands your own!

What would you do if you were a fairy with magical powers?

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