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Sports Sensory Bottles

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

This creative, sensory project allows your sports-lover to create their own personalized sports sensory bottle! Great for all ages, this activity makes use of recycled materials and other easy-to-find craft supplies. Although it may be messy, this activity also requires little parental supervision and creates long-lasting fun!


-Empty clear bottles (as many as you want and all different sizes!)

-Clear dish soap



-Sports beads (baseballs, footballs, etc)

-Colored beads

-Sports themed glitter/sequins (basketballs, soccer balls, etc)

-Colorful glitter


Step One- Begin with gathering all of your materials! Your local craft shop should be a great place to find your sports-themed beads and glitter but feel free to be creative in choosing your materials.

Step Two- Let’s get started! Grab your empty bottle(s) and pull off any labels to make sure it is fully clear. Then, using your dish soap, pour it into your bottle until it is half full.

Helpful tip: Feel free to use clear shampoo if you do not have clear dish soap!

Step 3- Time to get creative! Using your beads, sequins, and glitter, pour some into each of your bottles on top of the soap. Have fun with it by making each bottle themed like a different sport or using glitter colors from your favorite sports teams!

Helpful tip: You can always add more glitter and sequins later so don’t worry about using too much!

Step 4- Now we will add our water. Slowly pour your water into each bottle until they are full. This is a great time to ask your parent for help so you don’t spill!

Helpful tip: Tilt your bottle slightly when pouring in water so the dish soap does not create as many bubbles!

Step 5- Let’s put on our bottle caps to make sure we have enough glitter! Slowly shake each bottle with the cap on to determine whether you want to add more decoration!

Step 6- In order to make sure our caps stay on tight, drip a thin layer of glue into the lid before screwing it on! This makes for a more long-lasting sensory bottle!

Step 7- You are done!

Take a bottle with you for a fun, glittery experiment or for a calming and soothing craft to watch!

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