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Sponge Painted Turkey

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Gobble these sponge painted turkeys are the perfect craft activity to make in the fall of the year!

This activity is great for preschoolers with adult supervision and help!

School age children can complete this craft independently!

These turkeys are going to look super cute and can be used as decorations on your wall!

What you need:


Brown paper

Orange paper

Red paper


Paint (Red,orange, and yellow)

Sponge pieces

Googly eyes


Paper plates

Let's Get Started!

First you are going to gather all the supplies you will need to make your sponge painted turkey.

Next you are going to pour a small amount of each color of paint that you are going to be using on one paper plate.

Then you are going to take one sponge piece and dip it in one of the paint colors. Press the sponge with the paint on around the paper plate until the plate is covered.

Repeat painting with the sponge piece for the other paint colors. After you have finished painting the paint will need to dry.

Next draw out a body for the turkey using the brown paper and cut the body out. Draw out a gobbler for the turkey using the red paper and cut the gobbler out. Draw out a small triangle for the beak for the turkey using the orange paper and cut it out.

Lastly glue on the body, gobbler, beak, and eyes for the turkey!

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