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Snowman Puppet

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

This is a great activity for school-aged kids to get creative and make their own snowman puppet. You can create and decorate your snowman with a few supplies. Your snowman will be attached to a wooden popsicle stick which then can be used as a puppet. This can benefit them by using their imaginations to take them places and have lots of fun. No more winter boredom when playing with your snowman puppet!


Popsicle/Craft Sticks

Cotton Pads (can be square or circle whichever you prefer for your snowman’s body)

Kid Scissors


Elmer’s Glue

Googly Eyes or a Black Marker

Three Buttons or Pom Poms


Step 1: The Snowman’s Body

First, glue three cotton pads, in a row, going down on one popsicle stick for the body. Remember to leave some space open at the bottom of the popsicle stick so you can have a place to hold and play with your puppet.

Put the snowman puppet aside to let the body dry before you add on the rest of the parts to complete your snowman.

When it is dry you can move on to your next step which is to make your snowman’s hat.

Step 2: Hat

Next, you need to take your scissors and brown felt piece and cut out the hat. There are two parts to the hat. For the first part of the hat you will take your brown felt and draw a square on it with your black marker. This will make it easier to cut it out. You can put the cut brown square aside for a minute while you cut the brim of the hat.

For the second part the brim of the hat you will draw a thin rectangle on the same piece of felt. Then cut out the thin rectangle on your brown felt. Lay your thin rectangle piece of the hat aside and grab your square piece again.

You will then glue the square on top of your snowman’s head. Then glue your thin rectangle onto your snowman going across the bottom of the hat.

Step 3: Eyes

Now, you will take your two googly eyes and glue them on your snowman’s face a little bit down from your hat you just glued on your snowman’s head. You can always draw them on with a black marker too if you choose instead. You can draw the eyes anyway you choose to. It’s up to you!

Step 4: Nose

Next, for the nose you can choose any color felt and draw a triangle on the piece you have chosen. You will then cut out the triangle. You will then glue it on the snowman’s face under the eyes.

Step 5: Scarf

Then, the scarf you can use any color felt you want. Again you draw the letter Y on your felt before cutting it out. This will make it much easier for you to cut. Then cut out your letter Y on your piece of felt. Take the letter Y shape scarf and glue it on your snowman’s neck sideways.

Step 6: Buttons

Finally, you will take your three buttons and glue one at a time on the body of your snowman under the scarf in a row going down. No worries if you don't have any buttons then you can use three pom poms instead the same way.

Great job building your snowman my friends! You now have your very own snowman puppet which won’t ever melt! If you would like to make a friend for your snowman puppet just repeat all the steps again. If not, you can play with your snowman or put on a puppet show for a family member or friend. Don’t forget to have lots of fun!!

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