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Snowflake Pipe-cleaners

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

This fun craft has simple steps and has little to no mess involved! It is a great activity for older children to be able to express their creativity, by choosing different colors of bead and pipe cleaners to make their snowflakes out of. Younger children can also benefit from this activity, as they can practice their fine motor skills.


Pipe cleaners (3 per snowflake)


Beads in various colors

Ribbon or String


Step 1: To begin making this snowflake you will take 1 pipe cleaner and fold it in half, then cut it right in the middle. You will repeat this process for a second pipe cleaner.

An adult may be needed to assist with this

Step 2: Now using one of the halves and an extra pipe cleaner you will need to cut 6: 1-1 ½ inch pipe cleaner pieces. (These will be used at the end).

An adult may be needed to assist with this

Step 3: To start constructing the stems of the snowflake you will take two of the half pipe cleaners and make an ‘X.’ In order to get the two to stick together you will fold under and then back over to make sure they connect to each other.

Step 4: To make an extra stem of the snowflake you will take a third half piece of pipe cleaner and place it in the middle of the ‘X’ and then you will fold it under and then back over to make sure it connects to the ‘X’.

Step 5: Now for the fun part, you will add the beads! You can add as many as you want and whatever colors you would like. This is where you get to add your creative touch! You will slide them onto the pipe cleaner branches, leave a little bit of room at the tip of the pipe cleaners.

Step 6: Once you have all the beads you want on one of the branches, you will take one of the smaller pipe cleaners pieces and twist it to the end of that branch. This makes your snowflake have different shapes and make sure the beads don’t fall off.

Step 7: You will repeat steps 5&6 until all of the branches have beads on them! Feel free to express yourself and add your favorite colors in!

Step 8: Now choose how you would like to keep your snowflake! If you would like to hang your snowflake you will take a piece of string and cut it to your desired length. You will then tie it to your snowflake, and you can hang it wherever you want!

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