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Sloth and Panda Bookmarks

Make your very own sloth and panda bookmark friends! Learn about natural habitats by creating a branch and a piece of bamboo from popsicle sticks to give your animal a home! Use your fine motor skills to sketch, cut, and glue to make an unique bookmark. This craft is for adolescent age children. Children will get to learn how to sketch two kinds of animals. Children will also learn some quick facts about their sloth and panda friends while creating a piece of their animal’s homes from wildlife! Children will then be able to use their animal crafts as fun bookmarks!




Pencil with eraser

Googly eyes


Glue (liquid works best!)

Activity Steps-

Step 1: First, we will begin by creating our animals! You are going to want to take out some white paper. White paper works best because we will be coloring in our animals we drew, later on. The first animal we will be sketching is the sloth! You can go ahead and grab your pencil so it will be ready for the next step! I am using a pencil with an eraser just in case I make a mistake! The sloth is going to be drawn to look like it is hanging onto a branch (the popsicle stick).

Step 2: Now that our supplies are ready to start our sloth, here are some tips on how to draw one out! We do not want to make our sloth too big. Remember, the sloth has to fit on a popsicle stick! You can trace your popsicle stick on your paper or keep the popsicle near the paper so you know what size to draw your sloth. It can help serve as a guide! Now, we are going to start by drawing out the head. Take your pencil and draw a circle. This circle needs to be about 4 inches across the center. Since this is a bookmark we want to be sure that it will fit inside a book.

Step 3: Next, move to the body. You are going to create an egg shape. Make sure you connect the body to the head! The body should be about the size of an egg as well. Then, move to the arms and legs. You will need one arm and one leg. They will need to be around 2 or 3 inches. Draw one arm like a sock shape and then another right below that! It should look like the sloth is hanging on with one arm on top and hanging on with one leg a little bit below the arm.

Step 4: Now you should have the outline of a sloth! Next, we are going to begin to sketch the face of the sloth. Start by drawing another circle inside the circle you already drew for the head. Leave half an inch of space between the head and the new circle. This is where his face will be!

Step 5: Next create two smaller circles in the place where eyes would normally go. They need to be bigger than the googly eyes you have, but not by too much. Sloths look like they have two black eyes! This is what we are drawing! You can place your googly eyes on your paper and then draw a circle around them if you need to. Once you have them drawn on, do not fill them in with your pencil yet. We will use our markers to do that so they will pop off our paper! Right below those two circles, draw out a nose for your sloth! You can make the nose as big or small as you would like! I am going to make my sloth have a smaller nose!

Tip: Remember to be sure your two circles where your eyes go are big enough to fit your googly eyes inside!

Step 6: Now, we are going to color the sloth in! You can make your sloth any color you want to! The sloth can be rainbow, your favorite color, or they can be the actual coloring of a sloth! I am going to make mine like the actual coloring of a sloth! I am taking my brown marker and coloring the body of my sloth, but not the face! Leave the face the color of the paper or color it a different color!

Step 7: Next, take a black marker or a darker marker than what you colored the body. On the legs, draw on some claws by making 4 small dots! These claws help the sloth climb high from branch to branch but not very fast! Sloths are the slowest animals in the world!

Step 8: Next, take another marker and color in the two circles inside the big circle of the sloth’s face. I will be using a black marker for this step. You can use any color you would like or use a black marker. While you are coloring, also color in the nose. Again, take whatever color you would like and give your sloth a smile!

Step 9: Now, we can glue on the google eyes! Inside the two circles, glue down the googly eyes! The sloth should have two circles with two googly eyes inside! Remember when I said they look like they have two black eyes? Now they should have two circles around their eyes, but in whatever color you chose!

Step 10: Finally, your sloth is finished! Let’s move onto the panda! If you draw your panda near the sloth then you can make sure their sizes will be similar! I will trace out my popsicle stick again to make sure I have the right size! The panda will be hanging onto a piece of bamboo. Did you know pandas can climb? Take out your pencil and make a circle for your panda’s head. The panda’s head will be about a 4 inch circle.

Step 11: Next, we will move to the body. You are going to create an egg shape attaching the body to the head. The body will be about the size of an egg as well! Just like we did for the sloth! Then, move to the arms and legs. You will need one arm and one leg since the panda is hanging just like the sloth. Draw one arm like a sock and then another below that! The arm and legs need to be about 2 or 3 inches. If you have trouble, look at how you did your sloth!

Step 12: Now, we need some ears on our panda! On the panda’s head, draw two semi-circles where you want his ears to be! You can give your panda big ears or small ears! Finally, move down and draw a semi-circle for a tail. Remember panda’s tails are small! Your ears and tail can be about the same size. A panda’s tail is a circle shape!

Step 13: Now we need to sketch in the panda’s face. Your panda will need two circles where the eyes go! Draw two circles (remember to make sure they are big enough to fit your googly eyes for our future step!) Sketch out a nose for your panda as well. The nose can be big or small. A panda’s nose looks almost like a mushroom! Draw a small mushroom-like nose for your panda and color it in!

Step 14: Now, take your marker. Pandas are black and white, but you can choose any colors you would like to make your panda. I will be making my panda black and white. I will be coloring in the ears, the tail, the nose, and the two circles where the googly eyes will go, all in black! I will also color in the arms of the panda like he is wearing sleeves in black. I am also adding some fur detail so my panda looks fuzzy! If you are making your panda black and white then leave the rest of his body white! If you are making your panda your own colors, then you can decide if you want your panda to be white or a different color! Now take whatever color you would like and draw on a smile!

Step 15: Next, take your two googly eyes. Also take out your liquid glue. Make two small dots on the back of your googly eyes with your liquid glue. Press the eyes down inside the small circles that are inside the panda’s head. Your panda can now see!

Step 16: You should now be finished with both of your animals! You can make any last minute touches you would like to add to your animals! Our next step will begin to make a branch and piece of bamboo. Get your popsicles out and ready!

Step 17: Now, take one popsicle stick. We are going to make the sloth’s branch first. If you want to make your sloth have the color of a branch from a tree then pick a grey and brown marker. If you do not want to make it the color of a branch, then you can choose any color! I will be mixing grey and brown markers so mine will look like a branch right off a tree! Go ahead and color your popsicle stick in with a mix of whatever colors you choose!

Step 18: Next, take the other popsicle stick to make the bamboo! You can use any colors you would like. I will be using green and black! Take your first marker and draw three spaced out lines on the popsicle stick. Now draw three more lines right above that. You should have three very small stripes. They need to be very thin. Now, take another marker and color the outside of the stripes. Do not color inside the stripes! We will leave those plain! This will make our popsicle stick look like bamboo!

Step 19: Finally, we get to attach our animals to their natural habitat. We first need to cut out both our animals. Go ahead and take out your scissors from your supply pile. Now, cut on the outside line of your animals. Be careful cutting on the lines!

Step 20: Next we are going to glue them onto our stick! Sloths love to climb trees! They stay on their branches for long periods of time because they move so slow! Take out your glue and squeeze two small drops on the back of your animal’s arms and legs. Now stick the arms and legs onto the popsicle stick. You can glue down any piece of the sloth that touches the branch to make sure the sloth is secure.

Step 21: Now, do the same thing for your panda to attach him to bamboo. Take your liquid glue and squeeze some drops on the back of the panda’s arms and legs. You can also glue down any other part of your panda that touches the popsicle stick to make it secure. Did you know that bamboo is a panda’s favorite thing to eat? A panda can even climb stalks of bamboo to get himself pieces off to eat! Yum!

Step 22: You are finished with your Sloth and Panda Bookmarks! You got to learn some neat facts about your two new animals! Now, you can go crack open a good book and place your sloth or panda inside so your page does not get lost!

~Made by Sarah

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