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School Bus Reminder

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Are you ready for the first day of school? How do you feel about riding the school bus? I hope that you are excited! This school bus craft is perfect for anyone going back to school and it’s going to be a reminder for you throughout the year. So, don’t worry about what time the bus is coming or what number to look for when school lets out, because all of that information is going to be stored right on this craft! You could hang it on the fridge or carry it in your book bag! Where will you put your school bus reminder? Let’s get started!


1 Black, 1 Yellow, and 1 White Paper


Glue stick or bottle


Activity Steps:

Before you get started, make sure to ask a guardian for permission or help when using scissors. And have a clear craft space so you don’t lose any of the parts!

Step 1 - First, we’re going to start by making the body of the bus. We’re going to need to use our yellow paper and cut out one square and one rectangle. But before we cut, I have a way to make the shapes by folding the paper. Start by folding the yellow paper in half, where the short ends meet, or hamburger style. Then unfold the paper. Next, take a corner of the paper and fold it so it meets the center fold line.

Next, take your marker and trace around that fold.

Then, unfold your paper. The lines we made are two sides of the square and the other sides are the edges of the paper.

Step 2 - Next, we’re going to make the rectangle. Use the opposite edge of the one you folded in step one. Take that side and fold it so it meets the center fold line.

Then unfold the paper. Use your marker and trace on the fold line you just made.

Step 3 - Now that we have guidelines for the shapes, we can cut them out.

Use your scissors and cut on the lines that you made with your marker.

Step 4 - Then, we’re going to put the pieces together. Take your glue, and glue across one edge of the square.

Put the square and rectangle together.

TIP: place the short ends of the rectangle going left to right and glue the edge of the square onto the long edge of the rectangle.

Step 5 - Next, let’s put some wheels on the bus. Take your black piece of paper and fold it in half.

Then draw a circle about the size of a golf ball.

Take your scissors and cut on the line you made. When you’re done cutting, you should have 2 circles that are the same size.

Step 6 - To add details to the wheels, we’re going to take the white piece of paper and follow the same steps as Step 5. This time the size of the circle we make is going to be a little bit smaller, that way it will fit inside the black circle.

Step 7 - Then it’s time to add the wheels. Glue the black circles onto the body of the bus. One tire should be towards the back of the bus and the other should be towards the front. Place them so that the tire is hanging off of the paper.

Now, add the white details. Glue the white circles to the center of the black ones and the tires are complete!

Step 8 - We’re almost finished adding details to the bus. We still need windows and a line where the name of your school goes. For this, we will need our black piece of paper again. First, let’s make three squares for the windows. You could do the folding trick on three of the corners and trace around the fold, or you could just draw three squares and cut around them! I decided to draw three squares.

Then you’ll need to draw a thin rectangle and cut around it!

Step 9 - Next, it’s time to add the shapes to the bus. Glue the thin rectangle to the bus, right below the yellow square.

Fold the yellow square down towards the thin, black rectangle.

The windows are going to be placed on the flap. So glue each window to the flap. When the flap is closed you can see the windows and when it’s open, you don’t.

Step 10 - Then, let’s add our reminder!

Open the flap that has the windows and write Bus Number:, Pick up:, and Drop off:. After each category you can fill in the information.

Step 11 - Lastly, put your School Bus Reminder in a place where you think it will be helpful.

Each day you can look at it to remember when to be ready for the bus in the morning, what bus to look for after school, and you will have an idea of when you can expect to be home! I hope this reminder is helpful!

~Made by Angelina D.

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