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Resist Tape Paint

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Resist tape painting is a fun way to change up a classic art activity and support brain development! School-age children, between seven and twelve, have a new understanding of cause and effect relationships. This art activity helps practice that new cognitive skill by painting around the tape to create the desired image.


● Paint

● Large Paint Brush (You can use a cup of water to rinse a brush or use more than one brush and give each a color)

● Painters Tape

● Scissors

● Thick Paper/Cardstock

● Newspaper or Cardboard

● Paper Plate


1) Choose a place to paint. Place the newspaper or piece of cardboard down first and put the paper on top to protect the painting space.

2) Talk to your child about a design for their art. It could be abstract shapes, an image, or a word.

3) Help your child use the painter's tape to make the shape or word on the page. You may choose to use scissors to cut the tape. Explain that the design will show on the page after they finish painting.

4) Add drops of paint to the plate. I used different brushes for different colors, but you can also rinse out one brush between colors. If you want to use one brush, get a cup of water to rinse the brush.

5) Invite your child to paint all over the page! It is okay to get paint on the tape, but it will be easier to remove if it isn't very wet.

6) After all the paint is on, it is time to peel the tape off and reveal the exciting art!

7) Don't worry if the tape doesn't peel perfectly! Use leftover paint to fix any lines you don't like.

Tip: Some young artists may be upset if their image comes out differently than they planned. Remind them art isn’t about being “perfect” (whatever that means) it is about expressing yourself!

8) Let your art dry and then display it where ever you want!

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