• Made by Desirae W.

Rain Cloud Craft

Need an activity to do on a rainy day or just to get creative with? This rain cloud craft is the perfect solution! This activity is designed for preschool and school aged children, but still fun for older children. With this activity, you have the opportunity to work with cotton balls and paint, both improving fine motor skills with the pulling apart of the cotton and the process of painting on the raindrops. The finished product makes a perfect piece to hang up in your room or to gift to someone special!


-Card or Paper (thicker paper will hold the weight of the craft)

-Liquid glue

-Cotton balls

-Blue paint

-Paper plate (to put the paint on)

Step 1: Workspace

First, gather all your materials and find a spot to work. We recommend picking a flat surface and covering your workspace in case the paint gets messy!

Step 2: Clouds!

Next, start by drawing a cloud shape towards the top of your card or paper with your glue. Remember, the cloud does not have to be perfect, it’s only an outline. Next, fill in the entire cloud with a thin and even layer of glue.

Grab some cotton balls to place over the liquid glue.

You can either place the cotton balls on as they are, or you can pull each piece apart and unroll the ball shape to create flatter pieces of cotton.

Step 3: Raindrops!

Now onto the raindrops! Pour a quarter size amount of blue paint onto your paper plate; you can add more paint if needed.

To create the raindrops, dip a cotton ball into the paint and press it onto the paper below the clouds.

If you want different sized raindrops, take a few cotton balls and shape them into different sizes by removing some cotton and rolling them into smaller, tighter balls.

Step 4: Drying

Lastly, set your rain cloud craft off to the side and allow it to dry. The glued-on cotton balls might take longer to dry than the paint, so keep that in mind before you show off your new masterpiece! Don’t forget to clean up your workspace and put your materials away. Enjoy!

~Made by Desirae W.

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