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Princess Slime

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Meant for school-aged kids, this fun sensory activity allows kids to get messy as they create princess slime! With minimal ingredients and simple steps, this activity provides a chance for kids to work on motor skills such as mixing and pouring ingredients. This fun project also requires minimal supervision and provides hours of fun to come!

You will need:

● Elmers glue

● Shaving cream

● Glitter

● Contact solution

● Pink food coloring

● Bowl

● Spoon


Time to make some more slime! Gather your ingredients and grab your large bowl. Now, add about 1.5 cups of shaving cream into the bowl.

Using your Elmers glue, pour the whole container of glue on top of the shaving cream! This is also a great time to add your red or pink food coloring (about 5-6 drops). Mix well with a spoon!

Helpful tip: Add more food coloring one drop at a time to create more vibrant color.

Once your ingredients have been mixed and the slime starts to look fluffy, add a few drops of contact solution! Now we have to get messy! Use your hands to mix in the contact solution and knead the slime together until it creates a fluffy (but not sticky) ball of slime.

Helpful tip: Note that this slime should feel light and fluffy!

Sparkle time! Add sparkle colors of your choice such as pink, red, purple, or orange! Use lots of sparkles to make it like a princess!

Using your hands, mix and stretch the slime with the sparkles in it until they are even throughout the slime!

You are done! Time to play and don’t forget to store it in an airtight container to keep your slime ready to use!

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