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Patriotic Flag Wands

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

This activity is perfect for preschool and school-age children! Let their magic and imagination fly high with this fun activity designed to develop their fine motor skills and facilitate dramatic play. This activity requires the use of a ruler, which will allow your child to practice early mathematical skills. School-age children and adolescents will be challenged in this activity through cutting, measuring, and repetitive steps. Most importantly, once the activity is complete, your child can engage in imaginative play and grow their social-emotional development! Your child may need assistance with measuring and tying the materials.

Help fuel your child's magical imaginative side with this fun activity!


Red, white, and blue paint

Paint brushes





Dowel, stick, or straw


Step One: First, using a ruler, measure red, white, and blue ribbon into 24" strips. Next, cut 3 red, 3 blue, and 2 white strips of ribbon.

Step Two: Begin at top of dowel, with 1 piece of blue ribbon, fold in half and loop around the dowel. Then tie a knot to secure the ribbon.

Step Three: Next, wrap the two other pieces of blue ribbon and then alternate the red, white, red, white, red ribbons on the dowel.

Step Four: After the ribbons are on the dowel, secure them by placing a dot of glue on the knot where the ribbon is attached to the dowel.

Step Five: Next, while the glue dries, paint the dowel blue. After the blue paint dries, paint white stars on the dowel.

Step Six: Once the wand is completely dry, wave the wand around and have fun!

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