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Paper Plate Ring Toss

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

You will need:

● Paper towel roll (empty or not)

● Markers, optional

● Paint, optional

● Crayons, optional

● Scissors

● Tape

● Multiple paper plates


● Start by gathering up all your materials! You can choose how many paper plates you want based on the number of people playing.

● Now, take your scissors and poke a hole in the middle of your paper plate. This hole will help you to make a larger circle!

● Working from the hole you poked, cut the paper plate until you reach the edge of the flat part (where it starts to curve). Continue cutting around this rim until your plate has a full circle cut out of the middle!

● Now repeat this for all of your paper plates so they have all turned into rings!

● This next step is optional but super fun! This is where you get the chance to decorate your rings. Using paint, markers, crayons, or other craft supplies feel free to make your rings pretty!

● Now take your paper towel roll and tape it to the ground where you want to play. Make sure it is sturdy and won’t fall over!

● You are ready to play! Stand back and throw the rings to try and get them onto the roll. Whoever gets the most on wins!!

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