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Paper Plate Rainbow

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

This paper plate rainbow craft may become a new favorite! Plus this craft can be done with things that you probably have in your house already. Painting anf gluing allow kids to practice those fine motor skills. This activity allows kids to review the colors and choose a fun pattern for their own rainbow! Encourage creativity in choosing how to paint the rainbow. Then enjoy the finished product by hanging it up around the house!


Paper Plate

Craft Paint (red, purple, green, and blue)

Paint Brush


Cotton Balls


Activity Steps:

Step 1: Gather Supplies and Cover Workspace

Make sure to gather up all your supplies needed for your paper plate rainbow. When using paints you should cover your workspace with some paper so it doesn’t get all messy. You don’t want your table to end up looking like a rainbow too. Also, make sure you wear some old clothes that you would wear to play outside. These are clothes that can get dirty.

Step 2: Prepare Paper Plate

You need to get your scissors and your paper plate. Then cut straight across the middle of your paper plate. If you need help cutting, ask an older sibling or an adult. You will end up with two halves of the plate that will look the same. You will only need to use one half of the paper plate. The other half you can put aside and throw it out after you finish your project.

Step 3: Paint Your Paper Plate

Now you will start to paint your colors of the rainbow. You will take your half of the paper plate you are going to paint on and your paintbrush and dip it in the red paint.

Then paint the outer edge of the paper plate with the red paint. Start from the bottom of one side of and go up and come back down to the bottom of the other side. It should then look like an upside down letter U or a frown on a face.

Then underneath the red paint use the purple paint and do the same thing. The green will go next underneath the purple paint. Last the blue paint will go underneath the green. When you have gone through every color of your rainbow the same way you started with your red paint it will need time to dry.

The time it takes to dry depends on how many layers of paint you put on for each color of your rainbow. The more layers the more time it takes to dry. If you touch your rainbow and paint gets on your fingers it isn’t dry yet. You need to wait until your fingers stay clean for it to be dry.

While you are waiting for it to dry you can take a look at a picture or a book about rainbows to see different shapes and colors of the rainbow. Also, tell us something you know about rainbows or learn something new. See if you can name all the colors within the rainbow. This will be a quick review of your colors. Those activities should help pass the time while you're waiting for your rainbow to dry.

Step 4: Adding the Clouds

Next, take four cotton balls from your pile and glue one at a time on one end of your rainbow. Then take four more cotton balls from your pile and do the same thing on the other end of your rainbow. There you have it your rainbow paper plate is complete with clouds.

Hope you had a blast today making your paper plate rainbow craft!! There are so many fun crafts to do using a paper plate. Hope you join us again for another one soon. Hope you will hang up your rainbow paper plate in your house, classroom, or wherever you want it to brighten your day!!

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