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Outdoor Fairy Hideout

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

We will be making a Fairy Hideout for our popsicle stick fairies to live! This is a magical activity for school-age and adolescent children to make something unique, creative, and enchanting! This activity allows children to go outside and hunt for some craft supplies in their own backyard. They get to look for and pick out leaves, sticks, rocks, grass, plants, or flower petals and turn it into art! This craft allows children to bring their own fairies to life! Children will get to explore nature, use their fine motor skills, become architects, and expand their imaginations during this activity.

Every fairy needs a place to live, what better way than to tinker around and build a hideout for them!


11 jumbo popsicle sticks

Liquid glue

Paper plate


Leaves, grass, flower petals, or rocks from outside

Crayons or markers


Activity Steps:

Step 1: Before we begin our craft, we need to hunt for our supplies! Get your shoes on and head outdoors! Look for anything you think a hideout would need! Look for leaves, any greenery, flower petals, or small rocks! This will be for our hideout’s roof. We want it to look whimsical!

Step 2: Now, we have all our supplies ready to go! Put all the supplies to the side and grab your popsicle sticks. We first need to make our hideout’s frame. We need four sticks to begin. Overlap (put one tip of the stick on top of the other) each end of the stick to make a square. Then glue the tips together with your liquid glue.

Tip: You can use smaller popsicle sticks, but jumbo popsicle sticks work the best for this craft! If you use smaller ones, you will need more than 10!

Step 3: Next, we are going to fill our frame. In a line place your sticks on the square part of your home. Glue down the bottom of the popsicle to the very bottom stick of the home’s frame. Then, glue down the top part of your popsicle stick to the top part of the home. Your home should now be filled with popsicle sticks!

Step 4: Fourth, grab your paper plate and flip it on its back. We are making the roof! Take a crayon or marker and draw out a triangle. Make sure it is big enough to fit the frame. Also draw out two smaller shapes that look like tear drops!

Step 5: Next, grab your scissors. This is the only time we will need them. Cut out your triangle! Now lay it on top of the house. Check it out! You have a roof!

Now, cut out your tear drops and place them to the side. We will use those towards the end!

Step 6: Now, glue that roof to the house. Take your liquid glue and glue it on. Our roof looks a little plain. Bring over all your items you found outside! We are going to liquid glue them down to the roof. Get creative! Use whatever you found and add them in whatever place you want them. It can be random or it can be used in a pattern. You decide the design of your fairy’s home!

Step 7: Next, we get to grab our markers or crayons and draw on a door for our fairy. Draw one on, and color it in. You can also draw windows for your fairy to look out of! Add whatever designs you want to draw on for the house.

Step 8: Now, our house is finished! But wait! We have nothing to live inside of it. Grab another popsicle stick. We need to make our fairy!

Step 9: Next, for this part, you will need your crayons and markers again. Create your own fairy. Make the bottom half your fairy’s outfit! Color it a solid color or add a design to it!

Tip: Use a cut in half flower for your fairy’s skirt and glue it down!

Step 10: Now, add your fairies hair! Pick any color and add it to the top of the popsicle stick. Finally grab your pen and add a face for your fairy! Be sure to add a smile! I am sure your fairy will be happy in her new hideout you created!

Tip: Throw on some glitter! Your fairy may need some extra magic fairy dust!

Step 11: Do you remember the tear drops we cut out earlier? Those are actually our fairy’s wings! Glue them on the backside of your fairy. Look, now your fairy can fly!

Step 12: Finally, we are finished! You have built an Outdoor Fairy Hideout and your very own fairy! You can keep it inside or bring it back outside! You became an architect for a day, a home designer, and you created a fairy! How magical! Now it’s time to use your imagination and enjoy many adventures with your fairy!

~Made by Sarah

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