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Origami Heart Bookmark

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

This fun origami activity creates a heart bookmark that you can use to mark your pages or to give as a gift! Today we are going to learn a fun and interactive origami activity. We will do this by creating a heart bookmark. This activity is hands-on and for children ages 7 and up. Some parental assistance may be needed. Not only can it be used as a bookmark, but it can also be given as a gift to friends and family. This origami heart bookmark activity can benefit children by improving focus and developing hand-eye coordination.





-Craft sticks (optional)

-Markers (optional)


Welcome, everyone! Let’s start making your origami heart bookmark. To begin, make sure you have a flat surface to work on and have all supplies prior to beginning the activity. Be patient with your folding. Origami requires each step to be followed with precision in order to create the appropriate final product.

Step 1: Take your piece of paper and trim it to 3-inches by 3-inches. Start with a square!

Step 2: Place the paper like a diamond in front of you.

Step 3: Bring the top point of the paper to the middle and fold.

Step 4: Bring the bottom point to the top of the paper and fold.

Step 5: Fold the right side towards the middle.

Step 6: Fold the left side towards the middle.

Step 7: Flip the heart over. Then fold the tops down and sides in.

Step 8: Glue all the folds to secure the heart.

Step 9 (Optional): Take the popsicle stick and markers and color or draw a design on the stick.

Step 10 (Optional): When the heart and the popsicle stick are dry, glue the heart to the end of the stick to create an origami heart bookmark!

Great job! Now that you are done, pick out your favorite book, and read away!

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