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Origami Cat Finger Puppets

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

This origami finger puppet can be made by anyone, but school-aged children will really love this activity! This craft is easy, engaging, and will spark children’s imaginations and sense of joy! Once you have built your finger puppet you can have fun playing with your family and friends. Use your imagination and creativity to have fun with these finger puppets—the possibilities are endless!


  • One square piece of paper (any color)

  • Markers or another drawing utensil

Before we begin, make sure that your workspace is ready to go with all of your supplies (paper, markers or other drawing utensils, and decorations) placed on a flat surface. If you will need help folding the paper, make sure that you have an adult nearby!

Tip: This activity involves lots of folding of the paper! Try to make these folds as crisp and strong as possible so that your puppet keeps its shape!

Step 1: Start by taking out a square piece of paper and lay it on your flat surface so that it looks like a diamond shape.

Step 2: Next, fold your paper in half using a hot dog fold. Pick up the right corner and fold it over so that it touches the left corner. Try your best to match up the corners as evenly as possible! Press down on the paper with your finger so it makes a nice crease. Open the paper back up—you should see one straight, vertical line!

Step 3: Fold your paper in half again using a hamburger fold by bringing the top corner down to the bottom corner. Match up the corners and edges, press down, and make the crease using your finger. The point of the triangle should be at the bottom (closest to you) and the straight edge of the triangle should be at the top. Keep your paper folded this way!

Step 4: Next we are going to make a diamond shape.Take the right corner of this triangle and fold it down to the bottom center point. Repeat this with the left corner as well. Make sure to line up your points and edges, press down, and make a crease with your finger. Now it should look like a diamond!

Step 5: Now we are going to make the ears! Fold the right flap up from the center, so that the point is angling upwards. Do the same with the left flap! You can choose the angle that you would like the ears to be at. Do you want them to be pointing straight upwards? Maybe on a diagonal? This is your puppet so you get to decide!

Step 6: The bottom section has two layers. Using a hamburger fold, bring the corner of the top layer up to the top point. Match up the corners and press down, and make the crease with your finger. Keep the other layer down for now. Once you have done this, turn your puppet over.

Step 7: Next we are going to fold in the edges. Take the right edge and fold it in towards the center using a hot dog fold. You will not fold it all the way in to the center, only about halfway towards the center. Do the same with the left side of the puppet! These will make the edges of the face of the puppet!

Step 8: Now, you will use a hamburger fold to fold the bottom section up to align with the top point. Take the bottom corner and bring it up to the top point. Make sure that your points are aligned, and press down. Use your finger to make the crease.

Step 9: Next, you will take the top middle point and fold it down. You might notice that there are several layers of paper that make up this point! Using a hamburger fold, bring all of the layers of the point down towards the center of your creation. This will create a straight line between the two ears. Use your fingers to press down and make the crease. Once you have done this, turn your puppet back over.

Step 10: Now you have made your puppet, you get to decorate it however you like! Use your imagination to create a face for your animal! Using a marker or another drawing utensil, you can draw on eyes, nose, whiskers, and a mouth! You can draw fun patterns or designs with your markers! Decorate your puppet however you like! I made my puppet a cat, but you can make other animal faces, such as a bat or a dog, by decorating your puppet in a different way!

Step 11: You are all finished! Open up the bottom of the puppet so that it slips onto your finger! Now you can have fun playing with your puppet!

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