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NG Tube Buddy

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Have you ever been to the hospital and had a NG tube put in your nose? Or maybe you’re going soon and you might need to get a NG tube. Either way, with this activity, you can learn all about what a NG tube is, how it works, why you need it, and create your own NG tube buddy that you can take with you wherever you go!


  • Doll

  • Beige String

  • Cloth Tape/Regular Tape

  • Ziploc Bag

  • Sharpie

Activity Steps:

Before you begin, make sure you are doing this activity on a clean and flat surface. Make sure you have an adult nearby to help you look for the pictures online and print them.

Step 1: First, we will measure the string to create the NG tube. A nasogastric (NG) tube is a small bendy tube used to help our body get the food and nutrients that we need when we cannot eat with our mouth. A NG tube can also give our body medicine when we cannot take the medicine by mouth. When you eat, food goes down a long tube called the esophagus until it enters your stomach. Nasogastric is a fancy medical term for nose and stomach. It is called a nasogastric tube because it is inserted into your nose and goes down the esophagus until it reaches your stomach. We will be using the string to create the NG tube. The string represents the bendy tube that connects to the bag and goes into your nose. Get your string and doll and place the tip on top of the doll’s nose, using your hand to keep it in place. Then, pull the string and tuck it behind the doll’s ear. This is what the nurse will do when she puts the NG tube on. Next, pull the string down to the doll’s chest and use your scissors to cut it. A NG tube typically stops at your chest. Now that we have measured the string, we need to get tape so that we can attach the string to our buddy.

Step 2: Next, get your tape and scissors. When the nurse inserts the tube into your nose, she places tape on your cheek so that the tube will not fall out. Now, since we cannot insert the string into the doll’s nose, we will tape it to the nose. Use your scissors to cut out a small piece of tape in the shape of a rectangle. Then cut out two bigger pieces of tape in the shape of a square. Now that we have our pieces of tape, we can attach the string to our buddy.

Step 3: Now, get your string, tape, and doll. Then, put the tip of the string under the doll’s nose. Next, use the small rectangle-shaped piece of tape to attach the string to the nose. Then, just as you did before, pull the string behind the doll’s ear. Next, place one of the bigger pieces of tape on the doll’s cheek to keep the string in place. The NG tube is secure! Now we will create the bag that holds the food and/or medicine.

Step 4: Now, get your last piece of tape and your ziploc bag. Then, place the last piece of tape on the bottom of the string and attach it to the ziploc bag. The NG tube is connected to a bag that holds liquid food or medicine to help you feel better. The food or medicine exits the bag through the NG tube and then travels to your stomach through your nose. This keeps you hydrated even though you cannot use your mouth to eat or take the medicine! The nurse will change the bag when it is empty or when a certain amount of time has gone by. Now we need to label the bag. We’re almost done!

Step 5: Next, use your sharpie to write dashes and numbers on the bag. Put the first number at the bottom of the bag so that when you add more numbers, they increase as you get higher on the bag. I am going to start with the number 100 and add 100 until I get to the top of the bag but you can start with whatever number you want! Now we’re done!

Now your NG tube buddy is done! Be sure to clean up your area and put away all materials. I hope you enjoyed making it as much as I did! Now you have a buddy that you can bring to the hospital with you if you have to go back. If not, now you have a buddy that has a NG tube like you did when you were in the hospital! Remember, you can take your buddy with you anywhere and use it as a reminder of what a NG tube is and what it does.

~ Made By: Danasia M.

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