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Mindfulness Hand Craft

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

The hand mandala will help school-age and adolescents see their feelings on paper and have a different way of thinking about the feelings and talking about the feelings. This activity can be hung up to remind the child of positive thoughts they have! School-age children will be able to practice their writing skills. The child may not want to talk about their emotions.


● Piece of plain white paper

● Pencil

● Black marker

● Markers, crayons, or water paint

Activity Steps:

Before starting the activity make sure you have all the supplies near!

Step 1:

First, we will lay out the paper and start to trace our hands on the paper. Make sure to use a pencil to start your hands! Spread your hands out wide like a snow angel and trace your favorite hand first! If your hands look like they won’t fit don’t worry, you can put the other hand sideways.

Step 2:

Next, draw the other hand that you did not do in step 1! If you need help from a friend or adult, ask them to help do the other hand! The other hand was tricky for me since it’s not my favorite hand! Now you will have both hands drawn on your paper with the pencil!

Step 3:

When both of your hands are drawn on the paper, add words, pictures, shapes, and anything else you can think of! Think of words that inspire you or that you like. You want to try to fill your hands completely in with different pictures, shapes, and words. I wrote words that described me as a person and my personality!

Step 4:

Last, outline your hands, words, and any shapes you want with a black marker. This will help outline and show the words and pictures important to you and make them stand out! Once everything is outlined, color or paint your picture! The cool part of this project is you can pick any colors or how you want to decorate it!

Step 5:

After your hands are colored in, take a minute and talk to someone about what you wrote and drew and why you drew those! This craft would make great wall decorations that you can look at and remind yourself of your feelings!

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