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Ladybug Windsock

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Create this adorable ladybug windsock to welcome spring! Decorate your house or hang it outside and watch it sway in the wind! This activity is great for preschool and school age children. Making this craft will help promote the use of fine motor skills, creativity, focus, and concentration.


  • Toilet Paper Roll

  • Tissue Paper

  • Construction Paper

  • Scissors

  • Hole Puncher (Optional)

  • Paint

  • Paint Brush

  • Googly Eyes (Optional)

  • Pipe Cleaner or String

  • Black Marker

  • Cup

  • Gluestick

Activity Steps:

Before starting, gather all supplies needed for this activity

Step 1: First, we will paint our toilet paper roll! Use your paintbrush and green paint to paint one even layer. Then set aside to dry. You may need to paint more layers of paint to completely cover your toilet paper roll.

Step 2: Next, it is time to make the ladybug! First, we will draw a large circle and a smaller circle on your black construction paper. Tip: Use a round object such as a cup or cap of paint tube to trace out the circles. The large circle should be about ¾ of your toilet paper roll and the smaller circle should be about ¼ of the roll. Then, draw another large circle on the red construction paper. Next, cut out the circles with your scissors. (Remember to ask an adult when handling scissors or any sharp objects!)

Step 3: Next, take your glue stick to glue half of the small black circle under the big black circle. Then, draw black dots all over the red circle. Next, cut the red circle in half to make the ladybug’s wings.

Step 4: Next, glue on two googly eyes to the head of the ladybug (the smaller black circle). If you do not have googly eyes, feel free to draw or paint on some eyes! Then, glue the wings onto the body of the ladybug. Make sure the wings are angled, so that ladybug looks like it's opening its wings! Then, glue your lady bug onto the toilet paper roll.

Step 5: Next, use the hole punch to punch two holes on the sides of the toilet paper roll.

If you do not have a hole puncher, use scissors to poke small holes (Remember to be careful and ask an adult to help). Then, string the ends of the pipe cleaner/string through the holes and twist/tie until secure.

Step 6: Next, cut six long strips of tissue paper. Then, glue one end of the tissue paper to the inside of the toilet paper roll. Do this all around the inside of the tissue paper roll.

You’re all done! Hang up your ladybug windsock or run around the yard with it to see it in action!

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