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How to Journal

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Ever feel like you need to get something off your chest? Do you like writing? This is the blog post for you! In this blog post, I am going to show you the best way to journal. I have a couple of questions that you can answer. This is best for older school-agers, and journaling has so many benefits to it; it can be very relaxing and it will be fun for you to read it when you are older! Grab your paper and pens, let’s start writing!

What You Will Need:

1) Lined Paper

2) Pens or pencils

3) *Optional* Highlighters, colored pens or colored pencils*


Step One: The first thing I did was to get all my supplies and set it out. I got some loose-leaf paper (you can write in your own journal if you want!). I got my pencils, pens, and highlighters. I also made sure I was in a place that I felt comfortable writing. For me, that’s at my desk, maybe for you, it’s in a comfy chair, but make sure you are ready to write!

Step Two: The next thing to do is write the date down. I wrote the date and the top, left corner of the paper. That way, when you look back at it, you know exactly when you wrote it. Along with that, I wrote “Journaling Prompt” at the top of my paper, and added a lot of colors around with my highlighters so it would add a bit of color. The way I did this was just putting little lines around the world!

Step Three: I then started writing down a couple of “basic” questions, meaning, everyday questions. For example, what the weather was like that day. That way when you look back on it, you know where you were during that time in your life. I wrote down how old I am, what grade of school I am in, how I am feeling, and what the weather was like that day

Step Four: After I wrote down the everyday questions, I wrote some fun questions down. I decided to include three, but you can answer as many as you want!

Step Five: Ask some questions:

- Who is your hero(s) and why?

- What character from your favorite movie would you like to meet and why?

- Name three things that make you happy

I only wrote a little bit about them, but write as much as you would like ( and you don’t have to answer all of them! ). Also, as you can see I made a few mistakes while I was writing, but that’s okay! Making mistakes is all about learning!

Step Six: You now know how to journal! If you want to continue, you can look up questions online, write down your thoughts, or just write down how your day went!

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