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Hot Cocoa Mug Mindfulness Craft

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

This heartwarming craft allows school-age children to think about what makes them happy during the winter season! By creating a mug and marshmallows, this therapeutic craft can offer stress relief and an opportunity to practice gratitude during the winter months.


construction paper


glue stick or tape


Activity Steps:

Step 1: First, remember to set up your workspace! We will need our supplies, and a flat place to work.

Step 2: Next, trace the shape of a mug onto a piece of construction paper, whatever color you want!

This will look like a circle, oval, or square with rounded edges.

For the handle of the mug, draw a letter “C” on the side of the mug.

See the examples of different mug shapes.

Step 3: After you have your mug traced, decorate it however you want!

You can color it or write a saying on it, be creative!

Step 4: Once your mug is decorated, cut it out! Then, take a piece of white paper and cut out smaller marshmallows for your hot cocoa. These can be whatever shape you want, and should be small enough to fit into your mug.

Step 5: Here is the fun part! On your marshmallows, write things you are grateful for, or things that bring you joy. Think about your family, friends, activities you like to do, or other things that warm your heart. Use this time to reflect on what makes your heart happy, and talk about these things with whoever you are working with today!

Step 6: Once your marshmallows are happy, glue them onto the top of your mug to look like they are floating in your hot chocolate!

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