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Homemade Drum!

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Can I get a drum roll?! DIY Homemade Drum will be favoured by your pre-school and school-aged children who just want to make some noise! This activity is perfect for children because it introduces music and keeping a beat in a simple and child friendly way. This can also be modified for toddlers with a little more assembly assistance, but this will be great for developing rhythm and motor skills has they bang on their drum! DIY Homemade Drums will also make a great craft to create in music class! Pair this activity with our DIY Music Shakers to really get the party started!

What You Will Need:

An Empty Can

1 Balloon

A Rubber Band

Your Choice of coloured paper





Yarn or Pipe cleaner

Step 1:

Using your scissors, and help if you need it, cut the neck of the balloon (the long part) so just the body (bigger part) of the balloon is left. Take the body of the balloon and stretch it out over top of the can opening. **You may need to stretch your balloon out a bit, or,ask an adult for help because this step can be tricky!

Step 2:

Then, put your rubber band around the top to help hold the balloon in place.

Step 3:

Next, measure the can from bottom to top with your ruler. Take the measurement you -get for example, 10cm, and then measure out that same number on the smaller side of your coloured paper! Draw a mark on your paper and from that mark, cut the paper in two.

Step 4:

Take 3 small pieces of tape and tape your paper to the can. Then, add glue on the inside of the paper to help it stick to the can! You can also tape the other end of the paper down once it has been wrapper around the can to make sure it sticks down well!

Step 5:

Decoration time!! You can use yarn or pipe cleaner to make a triangle design on your drum as shown here. Liquid glue or hot glue gun would be best for this step, but make sure you ask for help with the hot glue gun!

Other options for decorating include; markers, stickers, ribbons, or anything else you would like to decorate your drum with!

**If you made the DIY Music Shaker from our other Blog Post, grab a friend and you two can play along together!**

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