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Gnome Cones

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

This activity is catered towards school aged children but can be adapted for all ages. Cooking projects allow opportunities for autonomy, social growth, flavor experimentation regarding foods. When children feel encouraged and supported through their cooking attempts, they gain a sense of confidence and security with their ability to thrive within the world. This is especially true within the kitchen. Satiated appetites make for energized and fueled kids, helping to empower them through their daily activities and adventures.

You will need to gather the following materials:

  • Fruit of your choice

  • Cutting Board

  • Cutting Utensil such as a knife (to be used with adult supervision)

  • Disposable Cup

  • Sharpie (can be in a variety of colors)

  • Can of whipped cream

Activity Steps: 

Gnome cones are created by utilizing the materials listed below to create a fantastical snack that can fuel your child.

Step 1: Begin by taking a cup of your choice and drawing on a feature filled face with your sharpie marker. Feel free to add as many quirky features as you wish. This could be bushy eyebrows or even a sweet smile. You can even go a step further and ask your child to pause for a moment of introspection regarding how they might be feeling that day. You could even encourage them to draw out the emotions they may be feeling in that moment. They may project it through their gnome’s facial expression on the cup.

Step 2: Begin cutting your favorite fruits on a cutting board. Cut into small cubes.

Adult supervision is required when utilizing cutting utensils. Should your child be handling sharp utensils, be sure to use hand over hand prompting to cut out small fruit cubes.

These delicious pieces will be placed in your cup.

Step 3: Then place fruit pieces inside your cup, until fruit is filled to the cup’s rim.

Step 4: Lastly, shake your whipped cream can vigorously, before spraying the very top of your fruit parfait for the gnome’s cone hat!

Be sure to move the can in circular motions moving one’s hand upward as whipped cream pours out on top of the fruit.

You may encourage our child to make a triangle shape as best as they can.

Hats off to the chef! Enjoy your delicious gnome cone!

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