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Glow in the Dark Room Decor

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

This glow-rific activity is designed for preschoolers to create their own room decoration. Your child will love having the opportunity to customize their very own glow in the dark Mason jar, which will allow them to exercise their creative side. In addition, this simple room decoration may serve a therapeutic purpose by offering a sensory experience as they focus on shaking the paint around in the jar. Children will also have a blast watching this decoration glow in their room at night!


Mason jar

Glow in the Dark paint


Measuring cup

Glitter (Glow in the Dark glitter optional)


Step One: First, gather all of your supplies and set out a tablecloth to protect your work surface, since we will be working with paint.

Step Two: Next, open up your Mason jar and shake your paint so you’re ready to start the decor building!

Step Three: Add your glow in the dark paint, of your choosing, to the Mason jar and add enough paint to cover the bottom of the jar as a starting point. I used three tablespoons to cover the bottom of my jar, but this will vary depending on the size of your jar!

Step Four: Next, pour some water into the Mason jar to break up the consistency. The water will help the paint move more freely in the container so you can shake, shake, shake! I added ¼ cup of water to my jar, but this will also depend on your desired consistency and jar size!

You can decide how you want the consistency to be and if you want it more or less watery. This is completely your choice!

Tip: If you want the paint to flow more smoothly, add more water.

Step Five: Once you decide on your desired consistency, add some extra paint (I added three more tablespoons) to fill up the Mason jar a bit more. Make sure you also add more water (I used ¼ cup) to keep the texture the same!

Step Six: Now add in the glitter, as little or as much as you prefer. Then put the lid back on the Mason jar and shake again to mix the glitter in. I chose to not add any glitter because I liked how my jar looked, but feel free to add some sparkle!

Step Seven: Finally, turn off all of the lights and watch your Mason jar glow!

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