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Glow in the Dark Bowling

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Glow in the dark bowling will be a super fun game to make anytime of the year for a variety of age groups! This is an easy game to put together and only requires a few supplies. This game can be played by yourself or with friends and family! School age children and adolescents can complete this activity independently! Preschoolers can help fill up the water bottles and tear off the label from the water bottles. This glow in the dark bowling game will be entertaining to play with the lights off! Who can knock down the most water bottles?

What you need:

10 empty water bottles that are the same size (you will need the bottle caps)

10 glow sticks



Let's Get Started!

1. First you are going to gather all the supplies you will need to make your glow in the dark bowling game.

2. Next you are going to take all ten of the empty water bottles and peel off the label/paper on each bottle.

3. Fill each water bottle about ¼ full with water (you can use the sink to fill each bottle).

4. Then you are going to grab a glow stick and crack it open.

5. After you have cracked open the glow stick so that it is glowing: place the glow stick inside the water bottle. Repeat until you have all 10 glow sticks cracked open and 1 placed inside each of the ten water bottles.

Place the water bottle cap on all of the ten water bottles.

6. Lastly arrange your bowling pins on the floor, grab a ball,turn out the lights, and have fun bowling!

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