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Glitter Sensory Bottle

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

This glitter sensory bottle activity is great for anyone but particularly school age children. They can have fun making this activity and then play with it by spending time shaking the bottle and watching the glitter, water and food colouring or paint move around. This can be helpful when they need to relax or calm down if they are feeling upset or worried, but they can play with it whenever they like. This activity is beneficial as this sensory bottle can be used as a resource, in order to support feelings and help to improve how people are feeling and help control emotions by playing with this activity.


  • Clean and empty water bottle or any kind of bottle (make sure it has a lid that fits)

  • Glitter

  • Water

  • Food colouring or paint (any colour you like)

  • Glue

  • Sequins

Activity Steps:

Before you start make sure you have a clean space to make this activity and set out all your materials (clean and empty water bottle or any kind of bottle, glitter, water, food colouring or paint, glue and sequins) ready to make your glitter sensory bottle.

Step 1: First, you are going to start by adding one of the basic supplies that is needed in order to make your sensory bottle. To do this you will need your empty bottle and warm water. You need to add enough warm water so that your bottle is filled up halfway.

You may need to ask an adult to help with this, as it may be slightly tricky to hold the bottle and add the water at the same time. And also be careful not to get the water too hot as you don’t want to burn yourself.

I found adding some warm water to a measuring jug and pouring it into your bottle worked best and you can always add more water if you need to, just make sure your bottle is only filled halfway.

Step 2: Next, we are going to add another basic supply that is needed to make your sensory bottle. For this you will need to fill the rest of your bottle with some glue. This will now make your sensory bottle half full with warm water and half full with glue which is what is needed as a base for the rest of your sensory bottle later. (I used normal PVA glue but feel free to use clear glue as it will work better).

Step 3: Third, we are going to add some colour to your sensory bottle using your food colouring or paint of any colour. To do this add a small amount of food coloring or paint into the bottle that already has the water and glue in it. This is to make your bottle colourful.

What is your favourite colour? Why not add that colour to your sensory bottle.

I used red as that is one of my favourite colours but feel free to use any colour you like.

Step 4: Then, we are going to add the main parts to your sensory bottle by decorating it, you will need your glitter and sequins. To do this get as much glitter as you would like to and sprinkle it into your bottle. This can be any colour glitter you like.

I put about a handful of glitter in, as I wanted mine to be really glittery but feel free to put as much as you like in.

Maybe you could add more than one colour of glitter to your bottle if you wanted to. Then do the same process to add your sequins to your bottle too.

Step 5: Lastly, we are going to make sure everything stays in the bottle by securely attaching the lid. For this you will need the lid of your bottle and a lot of glue. To do this get a large amount of glue and stick it to the lid of your bottle, then put the lid on your bottle and ensure the lid is securely in place.

If you are struggling to know if the lid is on securely enough, ask an adult to check if the bottle and lid are in the correct places for you.

If you have a screw top lid for your bottle, I found that just tightly screwing the lid in place secured the lid, but feel free to glue your lid too if you think it will be more secure.

Step 6: You are all finished! You can now enjoy endless hours of fun and relaxing by shaking and playing with your glitter sensory bottle all you like. Why not see what happens if you shake your bottle fast and then try shaking it slowly and see what happens. Most of all just have fun!

~Made by Zoe

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