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Funny Face Collage

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

The funny face collage is great for school-age children between eight and eleven. Their ability to think more logically will allow them to search for different aspects of their collage in the magazine. Children in this age group can continue to improve fine motor skills by manipulating magazine images. While they have room for growth in abstract thought, you can help a school-age child see different items as possible parts of their funny face. For example, if your child struggles to find an ear for their funny face, you can ask questions to guide them to other things that could be ears (like the zeros cut in half in the example image!) Encouraging your child's ideas and their finished piece will support their developing sense of competence!


● Magazines

● Marker

● Scissors

● Glue Stick

● Coloring Supplies (Markers, Crayons, Colored Penicils)

● Paper


Draw a large oval on the page as your face template

Open your magazine and start to look for facial features or shapes. You can pick anything you like, but to start, you may look for a nose, mouth, ear, or eyes. When you find something you want, tear out the page.

Tip: Be creative with your face parts! Eyes don’t have to be the same color, and a mouth can be any shape! Something that isn’t a face can be changed! It should be unique!

Once you have all your pages out, cut out the things you picked!

Place the images on the circle you drew to plan your face.

Glue the images down.

Give your funny face a name!

Tip: You can always add more details with your coloring supplies that you couldn’t find in the magazine. Maybe draw eyebrows, a hat, or freckles!

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