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Fruit Train

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Are you getting hungry for a snack? Well come along and make a fun and yummy fruit train! Anybody can enjoy making this Fruit Train activity, especially school-aged kids! Use your creativity and make whatever train you want using different kinds of fruit. Your train does not have to look the same as mine or your friends. The point of this activity is to grow your creativity! Once you have made your fruit train, go ahead and dive in enjoying a healthy snack!

Supplies needed:

  • Watermelon

  • Strawberries

  • Grapes

  • Bananas

  • Blueberries

  • Pineapple

  • Raspberry

  • 7 bowls

  • Knife (or a plastic knife)

  • Toothpicks (to be exact 15)

  • Plate

Activity Steps

Before we begin, find a flat surface that you will be working at and make sure it is clean. Wash your hands before touching any of the fruit. Once you have washed your hands, gather all of the supplies that you will need in order to complete this activity. Depending on how much fruit you will be using, you will need that many bowls (example: if you are using 5 different kinds of fruit you will need 5 bowls). You will also need many toothpicks and a plate to make your fruit train on.

Step 1: First, spread out your seven bowls in front of you and start separating your fruit in each bowl. In one bowl, you want 3 rectangle shaped watermelons. Another bowl, you want 6 grapes. Another bowl, you want 1 raspberry. Another bowl, you want 1 square like pineapple. Another bowl, you want 9 blueberries. Another bowl, you want half of a strawberry (cut off the stem first, then cut the strawberry vertically, not horizontally). In the last bowl, you want ¼ of the banana. Then cut another ¼ of another part of the banana and cut that part in half vertically (only need one of the halves). Also have your toothpicks beside you.

Tip: When cutting the fruits that need to be cut, use a plastic knife or have an adult cut the fruit for you. Also make sure to wash any fruit that needs to be washed (raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and grapes).

Step 2: Now grab your plate that you are going to build your fruit train on in front of you. Grab 2 of your watermelons and set one in the back of the other one to make a longer rectangle. To get them to stay together, use a toothpick to connect them.

Step 3: Next you are going to grab a toothpick and stick it straight up (vertical not horiztontal) in the watermelon that is in the back of the train. Grab your last watermelon and set it on top of the toothpick. It should look like a step.

Tip: The watermelon that has another watermelon on it should be the back of the train and the watermelon that doesn’t have another watermelon on it should be the front of the train. Once your watermelon is on top of the other watermelon, if the toothpick is still sticking out you can use scissors to cut the extra part off.

Step 4: Next, get another toothpick and stick it in the front of your train going in horizontally and it should be sticking out a little bit. Grab your strawberry that is already cut in half and place it on the toothpick. The outside of the strawberry should be sticking outward.

Step 5: Now get 3 toothpicks and place 1 horizontally in the front watermelon near the bottom. Place your other 2 toothpicks horizontally near the bottom of the back watermelon and place these out evenly. On the sides where the toothpicks are sticking out, place a grape on each side (there should be 3 on one side and 3 on the other side of the watermelon).

Step 6: Next, get another toothpick and stick it horizontally in the watermelon (where there are 2 watermelons on top of each other). Make sure that the toothpick is sticking out and slide your banana (not the one that is cut in half) onto the toothpick.

Step 7: Now grab a toothpick and place it horizontally in the banana. You want the toothpick to be sticking out a little bit from the banana. Grab 1 blueberry and slide it onto the toothpick.

Step 8: Next grab 2 more toothpicks and place it horizontally near the bottom of the second watermelon (where it goes watermelon on watermelon and not banana on watermelon, also not where the grapes are). You are going to do the same thing as we did with the grapes but with blueberries. On both sides where the toothpicks are sticking out, place 2 blueberries on each toothpick (there should be 4 on one side and 4 on the other side of the watermelon).

Step 9: Next, get 4 toothpicks and stick them vertically in the watermelon that doesn’t have a banana on it. When sticking in the toothpicks, stick them in each corner on top of the watermelon. Grab your other banana that is cut in half and lay it on top of the toothpicks but don’t push it all the way down. You want the banana to be resting on top of the toothpicks.

Tip: Make sure the toothpicks don’t go all the way into the watermelon. Only stick them in a little bit, you want them to be sticking out a lot.

Step 10: Now onto the last step, grab a toothpick and place it vertically in the banana that is near the front of the train. Don’t stick the toothpick all the way in. Grab your pineapple and place it on top of the toothpick. Once your pineapple is on the toothpick, there should be a little bit of the toothpick sticking out of the pineapple. Grab your raspberry and place that on the top of the pineapple.

Step 11: You are all finished making your own fruit train! Now you can enjoy your healthy snack, but make sure to remove all of the toothpicks before eating!

~Made by Jordan

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