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Frozen Banana Yogurt Pops

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

These easy to make frozen banana yogurt pops are easy, yummy, and unique! With only a few ingredients, children and adolescents can have an easy snack and add their own special decorative touch to it. This activity can help children with developing their fine motor skills, learning how to follow directions, and learning patience while waiting for their sweet treats to freeze. For school aged children, this activity can be great for those wanting to work on independence and learn new skills!

You will need:

· Popsicle sticks

· 3 Bananas

· ¾ cup of favorite flavored yogurt

· Decorative sprinkles of your choice

· Tin foil

· Baking tray

· Butter knife

· Spoon


1. First, you will want to start out by properly washing your hands!

(I like to sing the Happy Birthday song twice to know that I’ve washed thoroughly)

2. Once you have washed your hands, line your baking tray with your tin foil and set aside.

3. Next, you are going to want to peel your bananas and then cut them in half with your butter knife.

4. Once your bananas are ready, you will insert a popsicle stick into the round end of each banana.

5. Now, take one banana pop and dip it in the yogurt. You will want to use your spoon to insure the banana is evenly coated.

6. After coating your banana pop, you will place it on the baking tray that you prepared earlier.

7. You will want to repeat steps 5 and 6 for each banana pop!

8. Now for the fun part! Use your sprinkles to decorate your banana pop however you like!

9. With all your banana pops creatively decorated, you can now put your baking tray in the freezer! Once your yogurt is completely hardened (about 2 to 3 hours) your Frozen Banana Yogurt Pops are ready to eat!


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