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Fork Stamped Tulips Craft

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

This spring craft using a fork to stamp your very own tulips is very quick to prep and doesn’t require a lot of different materials. With this craft, stamping tulips with a fork, your toddler or preschooler can work on improving their fine motor skills. They can let their creativity guide them in choosing their own colors for their tulips. Another thing you can add is just to review the colors your child chooses to color their tulips. Your child will also be matching the colors on their fork after stamping with it to the same color on the paper plate. This can also be a fun learning experience for your child. You can ask them what they think the tulips need to live and grow? What can we do to help them grow? Just have fun with it!!




Paper Plate

White Cardstock


Let's Get Started:

Step 1: Paint

First, let your child choose five colors of paint one for each tulip and green paint will be for the stem and leaves on the tulip. Before you begin to work with the paints make sure you cover your work area if you think it will be a messy one. Also, make sure you are wearing clothes you would play outside in and that can get dirty. Then once you have all your colors of paint you can then add a little bit of each of the colors separately to the paper plate. Have the forks and paintbrush handy.

Step 2: Painting the Stems and Leaves

Next, you will take your paintbrush and dip it in the green paint and then paint a line from the middle of your white cardstock paper going down to the bottom of the paper. To make the leaves you will use the same green paint and paint a half moon shaped leaf on one side of the stem and another half moon shaped leaf on the other side of the steam. You will repeat this same step four times for each of the five colors you picked out for your tulips you will create later. Now you should have all five stems with the leaves on your paper and you are now ready to create some tulips.

Step 3: Stamping Your Tulips

To stamp your tulips you will need to get your forks and use a new fork for each color of paint you chose to use. Take your fork and place it in the first color of paint on your paper plate you choose to use and make sure you put enough paint on it to stamp your tulip. Take the fork with your paint on it and press it down on the top of a stem of your choice and stamp your tulip. When you lift the fork you should have a colored tulip. Then place that fork back on the paper plate in the color that matches it and leave it there. Then go through each of these same steps with your second, third, fourth and fifth colors to finish all your tulips. After you go through all five colors and have created five beautiful stamped tulips you can now use your brain power to answer some questions. You can ask your child to name the colors they chose and make sure they matched the colors on their fork to the same paint color on the paper plate. To add another fun learning experience you can ask your child, how can you help the tulips grow? And what they need to live and grow? Don’t forget to have fun with it!!

Step 4: Finishing up!

Now that you've stamped all of your tulips, let the painting dry. This can take some time, even over night. Be sure to clean everything up well and wash your hands. You can hang the painting on your house or give it to someone as a present. Happy Spring!

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