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Fingerprint Dandelions

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Create your very own dandelion and make a wish! With this colorful activity you get to use your imagination and your fingers!! Not only do you get to decide how your dandelion will look, but you can also choose the colors you use and explore your creativity! Think of your biggest dreams and make a wish!


  • A piece of white paper

  • 1 paper plate

  • 3-5 paint colors

  • A black marker

  • A marker that is your favorite color!

  • Paper towels (optional for messes and cleanup)

Before we start, make sure you have gathered all of your supplies and you are close to a paper towel or a sink to be able to clean up your hands afterwards! Also, make sure to cover your table with newspaper or find an adult to help you keep your area clean!

Step 1: Now that we have our supplies, we can get started on our craft! First, we are going to create the stem of our dandelion. To do this you are going to grab your white piece of paper and turn it so it is really tall. The long sides of the paper will be on the left and right, and the short sides will be on the top and the bottom! Then, you are going to take your black marker and draw a black line from the bottom of the page to the middle. Now, put a circle at the top of the line and fill it in with your black marker. The circle should be the size of a quarter!

Step 2: Perfect, you have your stem! Just like a tree has branches, so do dandelions! Go ahead and take your black marker again and starting at the circle at the top of your stem, draw lines towards the edge of the paper in all different directions - like a sun in the sky! Some lines can be long, some can be short - each dandelion looks different from the next! At the end of each of those lines, draw a smaller black circle, just like you did for your stem.

Step 3: Wow, your dandelion is already looking great! Now that we have the body of our dandelion, it’s ready to add some color! You can set aside your black marker for now and find the paint colors you selected before we started! Squeeze a small drop, about the size of a quarter, of each color onto your paper plate! If you need help, be sure to ask an adult!

Step 4: Now, for the most creative part! Dip each of your fingers into 1 color of paint from the paper plate. I chose 4 colors, so 4 of my fingers have a little paint on the ends! Now, take your fingers, 1 at a time, and press down for 2 seconds on the white paper, right on the small circles you drew at the end of your dandelion branches! This is where you get to be creative and decide where you want your colors to go and how much of each color to use!

Step 5: Great job! Now is a good time for us to stop and let our dandelion dry for a few minutes. This is a perfect opportunity for us to go wash our hands and get all of the paint off of our fingers! Don’t worry, if you want to add more branches and colors to your dandelion later, you still have your paper plate to do so!

Step 6: Now that our hands are clean and our dandelion is starting to dry, we can work on our wishes! Grab the other marker you selected in your favorite color and start to think of all the things you could wish for! Do you wish for ice cream? Maybe to play more basketball or meet a Disney princess! Choose 3-5 of your favorite wishes and write them on the white paper surrounding your dandelion. Be sure to watch for wet paint!

You did it! Your fingerprint dandelion is complete!! Take a step back and look at what you created and what you wished for. Do you have even more wishes and more favorite colors? You can make as many fingerprint dandelions as you want - even enough to fill a whole field!

~Made by Becca B.

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