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Fall Rain Stick

Enjoy the Fall weather by going for a relaxing walk to gather supplies for this fun project. This activity uses nature items like sticks and acorns along with objects from around the house to create a calming Fall themed rain stick for you to listen to when you need a distraction from big feelings.


  • 2 skinny sticks

  • Acorns

  • Bowl

  • Paper towel roll

  • Foil

  • Rubberbands

  • Markers/ Crayons

  • Scissors (optional)

Activity Steps:

Step 1: Start off by making sure you have all of your supplies and an open space to get crafty!

Step 2: Next, if you don’t already have your bowl of acorns and 2 sticks, ask an adult to help you find some outside! Take a relaxing walk outside in the beautiful fall weather. Listen to all of the sounds, look at the colorful leaves, and search for your acorns!

*Tip: smaller acorns will work best for this Fall Rain Stick!

Step 3: Before you begin to build the Fall Rain Stick, take some time to use the markers and decorate your paper towel roll. Think about Fall items that you can draw like leaves, acorns, and pumpkins, or add whatever other fun things you think will look good!

Step 4: Once you are finished decorating the roll, rip off a rectangle shaped piece of the foil, with the short end of the rectangle being wide enough to completely cover the hole of the paper towel roll. Then fold the rectangle shape of foil in half to make a square!

Step 5: Stand your paper towel roll upright and place the square shaped piece of foil on the top end. Then, gently fold the edges of the foil around the tube so that it covers the hole completely!

To keep it in place, use 1 rubber band and wrap it around the edges of the foil! If you would like to carefully take some scissors to cut off any extra foil, ask an adult for some help!

*Tip: This step can be tricky to do, so don’t be afraid to ask an adult for some help!

Step 6: Once you have your foil in place, flip the paper towel roll upside down so that the other end is at the top and open! This is where you are going to fill your Fall Rain Stick.

Step 7: Now, grab your 2 small sticks and put them into your paper towel roll through the top opening! Then, go ahead and drop your acorns into the top opening as well, leaving half of the tube empty!

*Tip: Do not fill your paper towel roll all the way up with acorns! You want to leave half of the paper towel roll empty so that the acorns have plenty of space to move up and down and make noise.

Step 8: After you have filled your paper towel roll half way with the acorns and sticks, it is time to close off the other end! To do this, just repeat steps 4 and 5!

Step 9: Yay! Now your Fall Rain Stick is complete! Slowly turn it upside down to listen to the sounds the acorns make as they fall through the tube. Use your Fall Rain Stick as a musical instrument, or as a calm down tool to help relax your body when you have big feelings!

~Made by Mollie L.

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