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DIY Tambourine

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

This is a great activity for school-age children between seven and eleven! Children can continue to improve fine motor skills by manipulating the coloring supplies to decorate the curved edges on the plate. It is also a fun way to promote creative expression and movement by making their own music and dance moves. Encourage your child and support their individuality in this activity! It is important for children to feel proud of their accomplishments in this age group so they trust their abilities as they grow up.


● 2 Paper Plates

● Stapler (An adult may need to use the stabler if the child can’t use it safely)

● Coloring Supplies (markers, crayons, etc)

● Uncooked Rice


1) Decorate the plates with colors, markers, or colored pencils however you like!

2) Use the stapler to connect the plates. Stop once you get to the middle. The top part of the plate should be open, and the bottom should be closed like a bag.

3) Pour the rice inside the open top.

4) Hold the plates upright to keep the rice inside. Continue to staple until the plates are connected all the way around.

5) Shake your tambourine! Time to dance!

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