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DIY Storage Box

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Ever finished a delicious batch of strawberries and thought about how you can use the basket they came in? Well, here’s a fun and useful way to reuse those plastic produce containers. Instead of throwing it away, it can become a storage box! The materials used are very versatile and this is a project that can be as personalized for anyone. It also encourages creativity and upcycling!

You Will Need:

Plastic strawberry or okra container, emptied and rinsed


Mod Podge

Acrylic Paint (at least one color)

Paint brush

Markers, stickers, jewels, and anything else you want for decorating

Activity Steps:

Step 1: Preparation

Because this activity is a messy one, there are few preparations needed before starting. First, make sure you are wearing clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. If you have an art apron you can use that too.

Then, cover your cleared area with something like newspaper to catch any spills. Now we’re ready to start the activity!

Step 2: Gluing

The first thing you are going to do with your fruit container is cover it with newspaper.

This will make the container less flimsy and capable of holding more than just fruit. Using a brush or sponge, apply newspaper to the plastic container using the Mod Podge glue.

This can be done two ways: you can brush glue on the back of a piece of newspaper and paste it onto the container, or you can add a little glue to small sections of the plastic box and stick the paper on those spots.

**Important** Because you want to be able to open and close the box after covering it with newspaper, avoid gluing the inner tabs that connect.

Let the first layer dry for about 10 minutes, then apply another layer of newspaper. This does not have to be neat because we are going to paint over it. Just make sure the newspaper is lying really flat, so you have a smooth finish! Let the glue and newspaper dry for 20 to 30 minutes.

Tip: If you want to reuse the same brush you were using for glue for painting, rinse it under warm water after you have finished gluing the newspaper. It should be dry in time for painting!

Step 3: Painting

Once the Mod Podge has mostly dried, it is time to start painting! Paint over the newspaper with your chosen colors of paint. Allow the paint to dry for at least 30 minutes, or until it is completely dry.

Step 4: Decorating

Now for the part we all love, decorating! First, in order to personalize this storage box, write your name on it.

Next, add stickers, jewels, and/or drawings to the box until it is decorated to your liking. I went for a unicorn theme, but the possibilities are endless!

Now you have completed a storage box made just for you! I put markers in my box; what will you put in yours?

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