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DIY Rocket Ship

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Let’s blast off to outer space with our own spaceship! Take off to any planet using your own spaceship and imagination. This rocketship can be made by anyone but school-age children will really love this! You are able to make choices by using any colors and decorations that you want! Once you have built your own rocket ship you can blast off to space. Once you get to space you will want to explore what is out there! You can do this craft with family members or friends and blast off!


  • Cardboard tube (toilet paper roll or paper towel roll)

  • Paint or markers

  • Plastic eggs

  • Wooden clothespins

  • Paint brushes (if painting)

  • Yellow and orange construction paper or tissue paper (optional)

  • Liquid glue


Before you start make sure that you have all of your supplies ready to go! If you will need help cutting or gluing make sure to have an adult nearby!

Step one: Once you have all of your supplies you will want to start by decorating your rocketship body which is the cardboard tube. It does not matter the size of the tube, whatever you have handy or prefer for your rocketship size! You can paint it, color it, or even use stickers to decorate! Everyone’s rocketship will look different, and that is perfect!

If you do not have a cardboard tube you can make your own by using heavy cardstock paper and rolling it and taping it together. It may not be as strong as a cardboard tube but that is okay!

Step two: The next step is to build your rocketship and you will attach the body of the rocket (cardboard tube) to the top of the rocketship (plastic egg)! Liquid glue is the best way to attach the egg to the cardboard! If you are decorating your egg for the top of your rocketship then make sure to do that before you attach the body and top together!

If you do not have a plastic egg you can use a bouncy ball or make your own ball with paper crumpled up or even blow up a ballon really small!

Step three: If you decided to cut out yellow and orange flames then this is the time to tape them onto the bottom of your rocketship! Heat those rockets up! These flames will help your rocket blast off when it is time!

Step four: The last step is to clip the three wooden clothespins to the bottom of your rocketship. These clothespins will represent the fins of the rocketship! If you want to decorate the clothespins you may! Make sure your rocket ship is decorated and prepared for blast off!

Step five: BLAST OFF!! Have fun in space in your very own rocketship!

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