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DIY Race Track

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Tired of using the same track to race your cars? If so, it's time to Tape Your Track! With this quick and easy activity, you can create a one of a kind track using just a few materials and your imagination. This activity is designed with preschool and school aged children in mind, but can certainly be done with older children by making the tracks more complex. Not only will this activity encourage your child to think outside of the box when designing their own track, it will also encourage the development and mastery of fine motor skills when peeling, tearing, and sticking the tape. There are endless possibilities for what your track could look like. But, no matter how big or small, round or square, you are sure to have a “wheely” great time with this activity!

Materials Needed:

  • Painters Tape (or any tape that does not leave marks)

  • Any car that moves when pushed (i.e. matchbox cars, trucks, trains)

  • Extra cardboard boxes (for ramps or tunnels)*

  • Scissors*

*The cardboard and scissors are not required for this activity, but can be used to make the track more complex. This step is recommended for older children who are taking part in this activity.

Getting Started:

Step 1: Spot Your Space

First, make sure to locate a space (in your home or outside) that is large enough to create a track as big as you want. Remember, the only limitations to this activity

are the size space you have and your imagination!

Step 2: Take Your Tape

Next, it’s time to pick your tape up and begin to pull it off the roll.**

**Parents of younger children might need to assist in removing the initial piece of tape from the roll.

Step 3: Tape Your Track

Once you have pulled a small piece of tape away from the roll, stick it to the ground and pull the tape off of the roll.

As you pull the tape, make sure that you

continue sticking it to the ground.

When you have the length of tape that you would like, stop.

Step 4: Tear Your Tape

Now, tear the tape that you have stuck to the ground off of the roll of tape.

Step 5: Repeat

Repeat steps 2-4 as many times as you would like, until you have made the racetrack of your dreams!

Step 6: Cut Your Cardboard*

If you want to get even more creative, now is your chance! Using spare cardboard boxes and scissors, cut out shapes to make ramps and tunnels.

Step 7: Attach Your Additions*

Now, arrange your cardboard cutouts anywhere you would like on your track. You can fold them however you would like, or just lie them on the ground. Whatever you decide to do, make sure the cardboard pieces are secure with tape (as seen in the picture) so they do not move when you start racing your cars over (or under) them.

Step 8: Engage your Engine

As far as the construction of your track, you have reached the finish line! Now, it's time to test your amazing track out. Grab your vehicle, start your engine, and GO!


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