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DIY Pencil Cup

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

This activity allows you to express your sparkly and creative side by bedazzling a glass container of your choice.

You can use it to add personality to your workspace at home, to hold school utensils, or whatever you choose!

This craft will promote creativity and provide children with a chance to utilize their fine motor skills.

This activity takes time and patience, school-aged children may need help from an adult.


Gem stickers

Your choice of a glass container

Mod Podge



Newspaper or tablecloth

Activity Steps:

First, you have to set up your workspace. You can use a tablecloth or newspaper to protect your table from the glue. Have your stickers and paintbrush ready to use and scissors just in case!

Next, place the stickers on all sides of the container in any pattern you wish. This step usually takes around one hour, but the amount of time for this activity depends on your design. For example, my jar took me three hours from start to finish. Be creative! The pictures show how I created my jar design. If your gems are stuck together on the sticker sheet, use scissors to separate them.

After you are happy with your sparkly creation, pour the Mod Podge over all of the gems.

The glue should overflow off of the sides of the container.

You can use the paintbrush to spread the glue across and in between the spaces of the gems to keep your fingers from getting sticky!

Tip: Be very careful with brushing because your gems might move around if you press too hard with the brush.

Use an up-and-down motion to brush the glue to make sure you cover all of the space in between the gems.

Now that you have your design finished, place the container off to the side to dry. Make sure to keep the container on the table cloth or the newspaper because the Mod Podge will drip off the sides. This craft usually takes around one hour to dry, but it depends on the size of your jar. In the meantime, you can read a book with your parent!

Once the glass is completely covered in Mod Podge and dry, you can clean off the gems using a cloth with a little bit of water to get the complete sparkle effect.

Put your new jar in a special place! You are finished! Now, you can put your pens, pencils or crayons in your jar!

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