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DIY Pencil Case

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Have you ever wanted to create your very own pencil case to hold your favourite school supplies? Using just a few basic household materials, you can! This Do-It-Yourself Pencil Case is great for school-age children like you who want to get creative and design their own pencil case to keep in their desk at school. You can fill it with your favourite pens, pencils, erasers, and any other school supplies that will fit! This pencil case activity will help you stay organized and show off your creativity by designing it however you like!


• 1 granola, cereal, crackers, etc. box (big enough to fit pens and pencils)

• Scissors (or safety scissors if age-appropriate)

• 2 small magnets

• Ruler or any object with a straight edge

• 1 pen or pencil

• Construction paper, wrapping paper, stickers, pictures, magazine cut-outs, colorful duct tape etc.

• Glue stick or tape

Step 1: Choose an empty granola, cereal, crackers, etc. box that is big enough to fit pens, pencils, and any other school supplies you want. I found a snack box that worked well!

Step 2: Then, lay out your supplies on an empty table or counter. For easy clean-up, I would put a large piece of plastic down on the table or counter first.

Step 3: Grab your pen or pencil and hold it upright against the front of the box. Draw a small line at the top of the pen or pencil on the front of the box. Using your ruler (or object with a straight edge), draw a long straight line from left to right across the front of the box at this small line. This will help us see how tall we need our box to be in order to fit our pens and pencils inside!

Step 4: Open up the top of the box. Using your scissors (here is where you can ask a grown-up for help if needed), cut straight down each corner of the box going top-bottom until you hit this drawn line from Step 3. Then, cut straight across the drawn line on the front of the box and remove this piece.

Step 5: Fold down the left and right sides of the box so they are now the same height as the front.

Step 6: Fold the back flap over the top of the box and push down on the fold line with your thumb and pointer finger to make a crease.

Step 7: Next, using your pen or pencil, draw the fold line of the lid flap, and use your ruler (or object with a straight edge) to keep your line straight. This line should be about one pinky finger wide away from the edge of the cardboard box. Use your thumb and pointer finger to bend on this line and make a crease.

Step 8: Now you can use your pen or pencil to draw a line on an angle from the end of the new crease made in Step 7 towards the middle of the front of the flap. It helps to use your ruler (or object with a straight edge) to keep the line straight! Do the same on the left and right side of the flap, leaving a two fingers wide gap in the middle of the flap. This is where the magnet will go in the next step! Then you can cut on these lines with scissors.

Step 9: Next, it’s time to add the magnets! Place one magnet in the middle of the gap on the flap. Cover it with colourful duct tape or normal scotch tape. Place the other magnet on the front of the box, just make sure it lines up with the magnet on the flap! (If you have larger magnets, you can place it inside the front of the box so the magnets still line up.) You can cover this one with colourful duct tape or normal scotch tape too.

Step 10: Finally, it’s time to get creative and decorate your pencil case however you want! You can use colourful duct tape, wrapping paper, construction paper, stickers, pictures, magazine cut-outs, or anything else you can think of to cover the outside and inside of the box and make it your very own! If you’re using wrapping paper or construction paper, I find it easiest to put the piece of paper on top of the side you want to cover first, then use a pen to trace along the edges, and use scissors to cut along the traced lines. Then I place the paper back on the side of the box I want it to cover, pull out a piece of tape as long as the edge of the paper, and tape down each side so the paper doesn’t move. Then you can decorate on top of the paper using whatever materials you have!

*Tip: If you are going to need scissors to cut paper or tape, make sure you feel safe using them, use safety scissors, or ask an adult to help you.

*Tip: You can write your name on it in cool letters too so it doesn’t get lost.

Step 11: Now you can fill your brand new pencil case with whatever school supplies you want! You can keep this in your desk at school or at home, and you’ll see how neat and organized your desk space looks now that your school supplies are tucked away in their own home.

*Tip: Feel free to show off your cool pencil case you made with your friends and family, and make more together for when your first pencil case gets full!

~Made by Emma F.

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