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DIY Paper Looming

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Come join for a fun and easy to follow craft that can be done with a limited number of supplies. This craft is aimed and very helpful for you school-aged children! When doing this craft the only help that you may be needed is an adult if you do not have kid scissors. At this age you want choices and this craft gives you a lot of choices and will help improve your cutting skills and direction following!


  • Two pieces of paper that are exactly the same size

  • Colored pencils, crayons, makers, or paint

  • Glue (best if it is a glue stick)

  • Scissors

Activity Steps:

Before you start you will want to make sure you have all of your supplies! If you do not have kid friendly scissors make sure to have an adult nearby to help!

Step 1: The first step is to have all of your supplies and check once more that your two pieces of paper that you’re using are the exact same size! There is no specific size, but for this example we will be using an 8.5x11 piece of paper also known as printer paper. Make sure an adult is there to help if you do not have kid scissors or need help cutting.

Step 2: Take both of your pieces of paper and color and design them however you would like. This example is rainbow using crayons but you can choose any colors! Once you have decorated the two same size pieces of paper decide which one you would like to cut apart into strips of paper and what one you want to be the base of your craft.

Step 3: Next, take the one that you are not cutting into strips like french fries and fold it in half hamburger style.

Step 4: Next, we are going to make some cuts, but be careful and really pay attention to this next direction! Before you made cuts make sure you have folded your paper over and have a no cut line! Make four cuts starting at the end by the crease and cut until the line that we folded at the open end. Be very careful that you do not cut through your “no cut line”! First make 4 initial cuts!

Step 5: After you have made 4 cuts you will cut each of those in half to make 8 flaps! Make sure that these cuts do not pass the “no cut line”!!

Step 6: After those cuts are made, open that paper up and you will see the lines where we will be weaving the strips of paper through.

Step 7: Next, cut the other piece of paper into about 8 strips of paper that look like french fries.

Step 8: When we weave you can start at one side of the paper and either start over or under. Whichever way you start, then with the next french fry start the opposite way! A simple way to weave is to go over, under, over, under. Start by weaving the first strip in and out of the first paper with cuts on it. You can make patterns or any design that you would like when weaving your strips through.

Step 9: At the end you will have an awesome weaved design that you can use for a checkers board or to hang on your refrigerator as decoration!

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