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DIY Maracas

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Do you like to listen to music? What if you got to play your very own music on your very own instrument? Learn to make maracas in a unique way with this activity! This activity is great for school aged children that can readily create an object using different materials. Children will learn to use normal objects to create their own unique instrument that is personal to them. Creating the maraca will promote creativity and self-expression by allowing children to decorate their maraca how they desire.

Playing the maraca will help children develop increased cognitive and listening skills as they think about what beat to play at and as they listen for distinctions between different sounds. These maracas will be a great way to play your child’s favorite song or make up a song of their own!


Empty toilet paper rolls

Empty mini water bottles


Buttons, sequins, or beads

Hot glue gun


HEADS UP: This activity involves using a hot glue gun! It is advised to have an adult help the child to use the hot glue gun.

Let's Get Started!

Step 1: Setting Up Your Materials

First, have an adult help you plug in your hot glue gun to warm it up. It will be helpful to have it ready when it is time to use it. Next, gather one water bottle for each maraca you want to make. For example, if you want to make 2 maracas, you need 2 empty water bottles! Also gather one toilet paper roll for each maraca. Next, pick out the beads, buttons, or sequins you would like to use! You can pick them based on what sound you think they will make, the color, the shape, or just because you like them!

Step 2: Making Your Handle

Now, use scissors to cut your toilet paper roll down the middle and lie it flat on the table.

It may help to place something heavy on top of the flat roll if you do not want to hold it in place while you decorate. Next, with your markers, decorate your toilet paper roll. This will be the handle of your maraca,

so remember to decorate it how you would like

your instrument to look! Have fun with this part!

Step 3: Filling Your Bottle

Now it is time to give your maraca some sound! Take the cap off of your water bottle and set it to the side. Then, pour your beads, buttons, or sequins into the water bottle. You can add however much material you would like. Remember that the more you put in, the louder it will be! Next, place the cap back on your water bottle, and make sure it is on there nice and tight! Putting the cap on tightly will help the things inside of your bottle to stay in there, and your maraca won’t lose any sound! You don’t have buttons, sequins, or beads? No problem! Try finding paper clips, smooth pebbles, sunflower seeds, small acorns/nuts, or anything small that will make noise!

Step 4: Gluing Your Handle to Your Bottle

Have an adult help with this step

Next, have the adult that is with you check to make sure the hot glue gun is warm and ready to use.

Then, place glue around the bottle cap and wrap the roll around, making the base of the roll stick directly to the glue. Next, place glue along the edge of the toilet paper roll where you made the cut.

Place the other edge on top and press down

for about 10 seconds (or until glue is dry and has cooled down).

Step 5: Create More! (optional)

Want to make more maracas? Repeat steps 2-4 for every maraca you want to make! Once you are done, start making some music with the maraca(s) you created!

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