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DIY Making Music Shakers!

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Get ready to make some music! Making Music Shakers is a great activity for your pre-school and school aged children! Both age groups will need some assistance when assembling the Music Shakers as there is some cutting and taping involved, but they will not need any help when it comes to shaking them! Making Music Shakers can be made into a game, or they can simply just shake along and dance to their favourite song! Music can promote healthy child development as music has a positive effect on mood and emotional health!

What You Will Need:

An Empty Toilet Paper Roll or Paper Towel Roll

Tape – Any type works, but wide tapes like Duct or Clear Tape work best!

Saran, or, Cling Wrap


Rice, popcorn kernels or small pasta noodles Your Favourite Colouring Markers!


With a parent or siblings help if required, cut a piece of saran or cling wrap and place it tightly on one end of your toilet paper roll to cover the hole. Then, cut a piece of tape long enough to tape the saran wrap down to make sure it does not move.

*If you do not have saran or cling wrap, tape can work to cover the ends of your roll – saran wrap will just stop the shaker pieces from sticking!*

Next, scoop your chosen shaker pieces and put enough in your roll that it fills no more than one half (1/2) of it! The picture to the left shows half way!

After, cut another piece of saran wrap to cover the other end of your roll – this is very important so your shaker pieces do not fly out as you shake along to music! If you want to make sure that the shaker pieces will not escape while you shake it, you can put extra pieces of tape ON TOP of the saran wrap on each end.

Now to decorate your Music Shaker!! Grab your favourite markers and colour! You can draw whatever you like… hearts, smiley faces, flowers, stars – you name it! You could even do your favourite piece of sports equipment. The possibilities are endless!!

Once you’ve coloured your Music Shaker, turn on some music and get shaking!! Let us know what your favourite song to shake your Music Shaker along to is!

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