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DIY Fireworks

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

The new year is swiftly approaching! Why not create firework art to celebrate? Today, we are going to make fireworks out of cupcake liners! This activity is quick, easy, and pretty. It can also be easily modified to fit any holiday! You will not only get an awesome, homemade fireworks display, but you will also have a valuable memento you can look at years later. Kids of all ages can enjoy this craft. It will allow them to

hone their creative, thinking, and fine motor skills while having fun. It can also be a smooth opener to discussing and looking back on the year!

You Will Need

Cupcake liners (about 6 to 8)




Black construction paper

Newspaper, optional

Writing utensil, optional

Activity Steps

Because glitter has the tendency to get everywhere, I highly recommend covering your workspace with something like newspaper or a tablecloth. I used newspaper and it made clean up quick and easy!

Step 1: First, write a message on your black construction paper with glue. Feel free to write on the paper with a writing utensil as a guide before using glue. You can write anything you want but some simple

examples are “2021” or “Happy New Year.”

Tip: You can always use a marker or paint to write your message if you do not have glue and glitter!

Step 2: Once your message is written, cover the glue with glitter. Sprinkle a lot of glitter so there’s absolutely no glue showing anymore. This will help the glitter stay stuck to the glue.

Step 3: Now that the writing is covered in glitter, carefully pick up the construction paper and hold it downward so the excess glitter falls off. Now you should have sparkly glitter words! Set the construction paper to the side so the glue can dry.

Step 4: Next we will make the fireworks. Carefully use scissors to cut down the vertical ridges of the cupcake liners. This can be a little challenging so don’t be afraid to ask for help from an adult if you need it!

Tip: A quick and easy way to do this is to gently fold the cupcake liner in half and vertically cut along the ribbed parts. When you unfold it, you will see that the entire cupcake liner has fringes and looks like a firework.

Tip: If you want to make smaller fireworks but only have one size of cupcake liners, fold the cupcake liner in half and cut across the top of it. Take off as much or as little as you want to get different sizes!

Fun fact: Folding the cupcake liner in half to make identical cuts all over it is an example of symmetry! Cool, right?

Step 5: Once the cupcake liners are all cut up like fireworks, add them to the construction paper. Place a dime sized amount of glue on your paper. Next, press the cupcake liner into the glue, smashing it down a little so it flattens and sticks to the paper. Do this all over the construction paper until it is covered with fireworks.

Allow your artwork to dry and there you have it, fireworks to add to your New Year celebration!

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