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DIY Doctor Kit

Are you ready to become a doctor or nurse? Make your own doctor kit with this fun

activity! This activity is great for preschool and school age children. After you are done,

you will have all of the supplies you need to play doctor and help give your stuffed

animals a check-up!


● Paper grocery bag (any color and any size)

● Safety scissors

● Tape or glue

● Markers, colored pencils, or crayons

● 2 pieces of paper

● A variety of medical supplies (ex. syringe, band aid, medical gloves, masks,

gauze, cotton balls, q-tips)

● Ribbon

● Headband

● Felt, craft foam, or cardboard

● Clear straw

● Red pipe cleaner

● 1 large craft stick (wide popsicle stick)

*Tip: Always ask for permission from your caregiver before using scissors or going

through medical supplies. If you can’t find any medical supplies at home, your local

drug store will have some (don’t get anything sharp). Your doctor kit does not need to

have everything my doctor kit has, just use the supplies you can find.

Activity Steps:

Step 1: First, you are going to make your bag the size you want. This bag will hold all

of your medical supplies. Grab your paper bag, scissors, and glue or tape. Cut the top

of the bag off to the size you want.

Then, cut the handles off and tape them back onto your smaller bag. I noticed that stronger tape, like duct tape, works the best to keep the handles on.

Now, you should have a smaller paper bag. If you already have a small paper bag at home or want to make a big doctor’s kit, you can skip this step.

Step 2: Next, grab your colored pencils, markers, or crayons. Decorate your bag

however you want! This doctor’s kit belongs to you, so decorate it with your favorite

things. You could draw a picture of your pets, favorite animals, flowers or hearts. When

decorating your paper bag, it is easier to draw on it if you fold it down (so it lays flat). I

noticed that markers look the best on the paper bag.

Step 3: Next, we are going to create your own stethoscope. A stethoscope is used to

listen to sounds inside of your body. The stethoscope we are going to make is pretend

and looks like a real stethoscope. Grab a headband, ribbon, glue, scissors, and felt,

craft foam, or cardboard. First, take your headband and wrap a piece of ribbon around

the middle of it. Glue the ribbon in place and leave a piece of ribbon hanging down (the

headband and ribbon should look like a Y).

Then, cover the ends of your headband with ribbon. Glue these pieces into place. These are the earbuds.

Next, cut two small circles of felt, foam, or cardboard (about 2 inches). You can use a small jar to trace the circles. Finally, you are going to glue the end of the long ribbon to one of the small circles.

Glue the other circle on top of the ribbon and circle

(the ribbon should be in between both of the circles and the circles should be right on top of eachother).

Step 4: Now you are going to create an eye chart. Doctor’s use eye chart’s to check

your vision. Grab a piece of paper and a marker. Turn the paper vertically, and let’s get

started! First, write a big letter at the top of your paper. Below that letter, add two more

letters, but make them a little smaller. Under those 2 letters, write 3 letters a little

smaller. This is a great way to practice writing, and you can add as many letters as you


If you would rather print out an eye chart, you can find

many online. Here is a link that can help you create an eye chart:


Step 5: Next, you are going to create your own thermometer. A thermometer is used to

measure temperature. Grab your straw, pipe cleaner, popsicle stick, scissors, and glue.

First, cut the straw to the size of the craft stick, and glue the straw to the craft stick.

Wait a minute to allow the glue to dry. If you only have tape, you

can tape the straw to the craft stick. Next, cut the pipe cleaner about 1⁄2 - 1 inch longer

than the straw and insert it into the straw.

Now, add small dashes up the craft stick. If you have room, you can add numbers next to the dashes.

Your thermometer is now complete! Push the pipe cleaner all the way to the top of the straw if your patient is very hot and has a fever or pull the pipe cleaner partially out to show a lower temperature. (The craft stick is used so you have room to write numbers, if you do not have a craft stick, just use the straw and pipe cleaner).

Step 6: Then, you are going to create your I.D. badge, which stands for identification

badge. Doctor’s wear an I.D. badge, so patients know who they are. Take one piece of

paper and cut it into a small rectangle. This rectangle should be about the size of a cell

phone or credit card. Write on this rectangle “Hospital I.D. Badge” and add your name.

You can also draw a picture of yourself on the I.D. badge.

Step 7: After you create your badge, you will add your medical supplies to the bag.

Place all of your medical supplies (ex. syringe, band aid, medical gloves, masks, gauze,

cotton balls, q-tips, popsicle stick/tongue depressor) in your bag.

Here’s how doctor’s use these supplies to help us feel better:

- A syringe is used to hold the medicine. When you push on the plunger, the

medicine comes out of the small opening on the other side, and goes into your

body. The medicine helps make you feel better!

- Bandaids are used to cover your cuts. They will help keep your cut clean, so it

heals fast.

- Cotton balls can be used to help stop bleeding or clean your skin.

- Q Tips can be used to clean a small part of your body or apply medicine to a

small area.

- Masks and medical gloves are worn to help stop germs from spreading.

Step 8: Grab some markers if you want to decorate your medical supplies. I drew a

smiley face on my glove and decorated my mask. You could also decorate bandaids or

tongue depressors! Have fun and be creative. Decorate your supplies however you

want and use whatever colors you want! Add step 7a photo here

Great job! Now you are ready to play doctor. Doctor’s use the medical supplies we

found for our kit to help us feel better. You can always add more supplies later!

~ Made By: Tessa L.

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