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Confetti Drop

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

This Confetti Drop is the perfect activity to add to your New Year’s Eve celebration or any party! Release your confetti when your countdown ends and you’ll have a magical time! This is a great sensory activity for preschool and school age children. Children are using their fine motor and shape recognition skills when picking up the confetti. This Confetti Drop can be used multiple times since you can refill the box over and over again!


  • Shoebox

  • Colored Tissue Paper

  • Colored Construction Paper

  • White Paper

  • Tape

  • Scissors

  • String

  • Paint

  • Paint brushes

  • Markers

* Optional: You can also use gift wrapping paper, ribbons, pom poms, and even small balloons to celebrate other occasions!

Activity Steps:

Step 1

First, we will paint our box! To start, we will use our paint and paintbrush to paint one layer of paint onto the box. Make sure you wait for the paint to dry completely before painting another layer.

We will paint two layers, or until all sides of the box are covered completely. After your base layer, you can paint your designs! You can use any color and make any design on your box, get creative! Let your box dry completely after painting.

Tip: Paint your box one or two days before, so that the paint can dry completely!

Step 2

Next, we will prepare our confetti! To make the confetti, we will tear our tissue paper into small pieces using our hands. Each piece will look a little different and that's okay! These pieces should be about the size

of your thumb or pinky finger, but you can make them smaller if you would like.

Step 3

Next, we will use the black marker to draw shapes on the construction paper. You can draw any cool shape you’d like, such as hearts or stars! Then, we will use scissors to cut the shapes from the construction paper.

These shapes should be around the same size of your confetti pieces.

Step 4

Next, we will tie one end of a long string around the hole in the lid of the shoebox. The string should be long enough so that you can pull on it when the box is attached to a doorframe or ceiling.

Step 5

Then, take another long string and string it through the gap at the bottom of the box. Pull the string across the inside of the box and through the other side. The string should be a couple inches longer than the length of your box.

Step 6

Next, we will create a secret message! Cut out a small piece of paper with your scissors. Then use your markers to write your secret message on your paper. For this New Years themed box, we will write “Happy New Year”.

Step 7

After you are done, we will cut two long pieces of string and tape each end to the sign. Then, tape the other end of the strings into the inside of the box. Next, tuck the sign and strings into the box.

Step 8

Then, put your special shapes and confetti pieces into the box until it is full. Then, close the box and flip it over. The lid should be facing down.

Step 9

Next, we will put tape onto each end of the strings that are hanging out of the box. Then, ask an adult to tape the ends of the string to a door frame or the ceiling. Add more tape so that the box is secure and won’t fall down. The string should be hanging down.

Step 10

Then, have an adult carefully pull the string at the end of your countdown. Your confetti and secret message should fall out all at once. Lastly, we will go on our little scavenger hunt! Look around the floor and collect all your special shapes! Once you have found all your special shapes, you’ve won the game!

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