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Cinnamon French Toast

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Grab your kitchen supplies and tasty ingredients to make this delicious breakfast!

This activity is for adolescents and school-aged kids, as they begin to learn how to make things in the kitchen. It requires minimal steps which makes it a great beginner meal to make. This recipe can be changed to adapt to allergies, or lack of supplies and allows children to see how a recipe can be changed easily sometimes.


medium size bowl or container





thick slices of bread (number depends on how many you would like)

2 Eggs or ½ cup of almond milk and tablespoon cornstarch

1 Tbsp of butter

Optional Supplies:




Powdered Sugar


Activity Steps: 

Quick Tip: Before you begin be sure to have a clean space in your kitchen to work! It can be helpful to get out and prepare all the ingredients before starting. And if you need help, ask an adult.

Step 1: First, take your three eggs and crack them into the container you have and then whisk them together. You want to make sure you break up the yolk really well.

Quick Tip: Cracking eggs can be a little messy sometimes, you might have to wash your hands after this step.

Quick Tip: If you are using non-dairy products you will take a ½ cup of almond milk and a tablespoon of cornstarch and mix them together.

Quick Tip: You might need to add more eggs or milk/cornstarch if you are using more bread slices.

Step 2: You can either use bread that already has cinnamon in it or at this time you can add as much cinnamon powder to your egg or milk mixture, as much as you would like!

Step 3: Next, put your skillet on the stove and put it on medium heat. Add a little bit of butter to the pan and let in melt.

Quick Tip: This will make sure your toast doesn’t stick).

Quick Tip: Don’t use all your butter at once, you may need to add more butter in between slices of bread.

Step 4: Then take one slice of bread and dip it into your eggs. You don’t want to leave it in there for too long, but make sure both sides of the bread are covered in egg mix.

Step 5: Next, put the bread in the hot pan. Wait about two minutes and then flip your bread. Wait another two minutes for the next side to cook.

Step 6: You will want to hold your slice of bread up to assure that the sides get cooked as well. Then you can take your slice of bread off the pan and place on a plate.

Repeat Steps 1-5 until you have made all the french toast you want!

Quick Tip: Each piece of toast may look different. This is because some get more of the egg whites and some get more of the yolk

Quick Tip: It is okay if your first one doesn’t come out right, just try again!

Step 7: TOPPINGS! Take your optional toppings and add them on top of your toast.

Step 8: This is the most important step! Enjoy your french toast! Yum!

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