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Bullet Calendar

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

With the new year starting soon, school-aged children and adolescents can have a new way to create a personalized calendar to help organize homework, sports, and important dates! Creating your own calendar can be a great way to visualize upcoming deadlines or goals for the month and develop stronger time management skills. As the months and year progresses, they are also able to go back and see their accomplishments over this time.


Piece of paper (I am using 11 in. x 8 1/2 in. paper)

Straight edge



Coloring supplies (eg. markers, colored pencils, crayons)


Hello! To begin, make sure you have a clean, hard-surface workstation and all of your utensils are ready. First, you’ll want to grab your first sheet of paper and lay it out lengthwise, so that the longer edge of the paper is laying down to your left.

Second, you are going to draw a box in the upper left hand corner, making it big enough to write largely. Lightly write in a 1. (I made my box 4 in x 1 1/2 in).

Next, draw a large square beneath box 1, this box should take up most of your paper (Mine is 7 in x 6 in). Lightly write in a 2.

After this box, divide the leftover space on your paper into two equally sized boxes (PIC). Lightly write a 3 in one of the boxes and a 4 in the other box. (Each of my boxes are 4 1/2 in x 6 in).

Now, box 1 is going to be used to write in the month. With it being the new year, I am going to choose to write January in cursive; however you can choose whatever month you would like and how you would like to write it! Once you are done writing the month, you can erase 1 you wrote in earlier.

We are going to now focus on box 2. In this box, you are going to use your ruler and a pencil to divide this box into six equal rows and seven equal columns.

(My boxes are each 1 in x 1 in). On the top row, you are going to write the days of the week. Starting on the next row, you are going to begin counting the days of the month out. Since I am doing January, I will count all the way until 31. After you finish writing in the days of the week and the dates, you can erase the 2 you wrote.

Tip: look at another calendar, such as the one on a phone or computer to match up the correct date and day of the week*

Box 3 and box 4 are yours to decorate. Personally, I like to have specific goals for each month. So, for box 3, I am going to write: improvements , and then have a list of three improvements I can continue to work on for the upcoming month. For box 4, I am going to create a list of important days I have for the month of January. Don’t forget to erase the numbers 3 and 4!

Tip: other options: quotes, pictures, jokes, daily accomplishments

The last step to complete for this month is going to be add some color! I like adding shadows to my words, so I am going to go back to box 1 and add some colorful shadows to January.

I would do the same with my boxes 3 and 4.

Finally, the very last step is to copy the same process for the rest of the year. Each month you can mix up boxes 3 and 4 to make this calendar your own!

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