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Bubble Wrap Fish Painting

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Dive deep into this fun activity designed for preschool and school-age children! This activity will strengthen your child's fine motor skills through painting and drawing. Your child will be able to express their creativity and exercise autonomy as they freely design their bubble wrap painting! Preschool-age children may need assistance with drawing the fish.

This fishy activity is quite the catch and is sure to reel in your child's underwater imagination!

What You Will Need:

● Piece of bubble wrap

● Piece of paper

● Paint

● Paint brushes

● Marker


● First, choose your paint colors and place a small amount of colors on a plate. For this activity I chose purple, orange, and pink, but you can choose whatever colors you like!

● Next, take a piece of bubble wrap and turn the bubble wrap over so the bubbles are facing down.

● Now use a marker to draw a fish on the smooth side of the bubble wrap. I used a black marker so I can see the drawing more clearly!

● Next, turn the piece of bubble wrap over so the bubbles face up and then paint over the bubbles to color in the picture of the fish.

● When you’re done painting, take a piece of paper and place the bubble wrap painted side down on a piece of paper. Gently press the bubbles onto the paper to add the painted fish to the paper.

● If you want to add water for your fish to swim, take some blue paint and add waves underneath the fish.

● You can also add more fish to your picture by placing the bubble wrap paint side down and gently rubbing the picture of your fish onto the picture.

● If you want a different colored fish in your picture, use more bubble wrap to paint additional pictures of fish.

● Last, wait until the picture dries and then you can hang the picture up to enjoy your artwork!

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