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Bookworm Pencil Topper

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

This activity is a fun and easy way to welcome back-to-school time. Preschool-age children will love creating their own bookworm pencil toppers complete with googly eyes! Add the pencil topper to your pencil to make it stand out, then make one for a friend or everyone in your class. There are many possibilities with this activity; you can twist the pipe cleaner into lots of other shapes. Imagination and creativity will take you far!


  • pipe cleaners (assorted colors)

  • pencils

  • glue

  • googly eyes

Step 1: Before beginning this craft, make sure you have all your supplies ready and within reach. We suggest working on a sturdy, flat surface like a table or countertop.

Step 2: Pick one pipe cleaner to use per worm you are making. I chose to use a green pipe cleaner to create my worm but any color will do! To make the worm’s head, roll half of the pipe cleaner into a coil or spiral like shape.

Hint: The rolled up part of the pipe cleaner will look like a snail shell.

Step 3: Next, twist the remaining half of the pipe cleaner around your pencil. This is the straight portion that you will use to create the worm’s body.

Step 4: Last, use glue to secure your googly eyes to the worm’s head. You can use one or two eyes, depending on size and preference. If you want to make other pencil toppers, start by making different shapes like circles, hearts, and stars! Once you are done using your creation as a pencil topper; it can be used as a bookmark or added to your favorite sensory bin for more fun.

Hint: If you want to make another pencil topper for a friend or classmate, repeat Steps 2 through 4 for each topper you would like to make!

~Made by Lauren T.

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