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  • Madeleine C.

Band-Aid Art

Make your very own characters out of this first-aid tool: band-aids! This activity is a fun way to explore and become familiar with medical equipment. This activity activates creativity, imagination, and storytelling! You may also use this craft to talk about the emotions you may feel when you get hurt and have to use a bandage. This craft can be created by anyone, but young preschool or school-aged children may especially enjoy it!


  • Construction paper

  • Band-aids

  • Scissors

  • Markers

  • Colored pencils or other coloring utensils

Activity Steps:

Before we begin, let’s make sure your workspace is ready to go with all of your materials. You will need construction paper, band-aids, scissors, markers, and colored pencils (or other coloring utensils of your choice). Place these on a flat surface.

Step 1: First, we can begin by taking one sheet of construction paper. Fold the paper in half vertically, or as your teachers may say, “hot dog” style! It should look like the inside of a book. Note: In my example, we are going to work with one half of this paper, but feel free to decorate both sides if you’d like to expand your decorations!

Step 2: Then, time to open up the band-aid box and pick out the few you are going to use! The number of band-aids you use is up to you. I chose two different sized band-aids but you may choose whichever band-aid type makes you happy. They can be big, small, colorful, or even see-through, any bandaid will do!

Step 3: Next, let’s peel open the band-aids one at a time and begin to place them on the folded construction paper. As you do this, think about if or when you have used a band-aid before. How did it make you feel to have an injury and need a band-aid? Tip: It may be helpful to brainstorm ideas of what you want to display on your paper with the band-aids. Or, it can be random! I decided beforehand to place 3 bandaids down, representing 3 friends saying “hi”.

Step 4: Then, once you have placed all of your band-aids, let’s decorate! (Be sure to keep some extra band-aids handy incase you need some later!) I used my marker to make eyes and a mouth. I used colored pencils to add details to the rest of the page. I even used tiny bandaids and scissors to cut pieces for flowers and butterflies. However, you can use the bandaid pieces and coloring utensils in any way you want - this is your time to be creative with your materials! Tip: If you decide to use scissors, please be sure to ask an adult to supervise as you cut out your decorations.

Step 5: Finally, you’re finished! Take a step back and look at your paper. I hope your band-aid art tells a fun story to share with others!

~ Made By: Madeleine C.

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